WA Claim Silver in Extra End Thriller

by Cameron Harris

WA have claimed a silver medal on the first day of the Australian Championships at Club Sapphire on Monday.

The women’s triples combination of Kristina Krstic, Laura Merz and Robyn O’Brien went into the final undefeated after sectional play. They were matched up against Katrina Wright, Kate Walker and Louise Cronin from Taren Point in New South Wales who had won the other section.

The WA girls trailed in the first half of the match and were down 11-6 after 10 of the 18 ends. From there they slowly worked their way back into the match with small numbers to level the game at 11 shots after 14 ends. Both teams scored singles in the next two ends to go into the last two ends level.

Two great bowls from Merz saw WA hold shot on the change over but Krstic was unlucky to turn up an opposing bowl for shot. She fixed it with her second by trailing the jack but the jack ran on as it does on carpet and left enough room for Wright to draw shot.

They went into the last end one behind with last bowl and Merz yet again drew shot to an off-centre jack to hold shot on the change over. Wright was unable to change the situation so Krstic had two goes at drawing inside a foot for two. Her second was agonisingly close, requiring an umpire to decide it was not in the count, so the match went to an extra end.

O’Brien held shot for most of the end but Walker’s second bowl made it very close. It turned out not to matter as Walker’s bowl gave Wright a shelf to draw inside which she promptly did with her first bowl. Krstic played weight to turn a WA bowl to jack which she did with the help of small rub to get shot.

With her last though Wright proved that luck goes both ways playing what appeared to be a classic run and hope shot, rattling through the front pack for shot.

The final score was 14-13 to New South Wales who claimed the gold medal leaving WA with silver.

All three WA girls will have another chance at gold in other events.

WA now goes into a hiatus with neither pairs combination electing to attend the event.

The West Australians will resume in the men’s and women’s fours on Wednesday before the competition concludes with Singles with WA represented by Kristina Krstic and Warren Holt on Thursday.

Bowls Australia are Live Streaming selected matches via their Facebook Page. Replays can also be found there.