Bowls 2025 submissions

by Aaron Delaporte

The Bowls Management Committee with approval from the Board has commissioned a new committee, the Bowls 2025 Committee, to consider the current forms of the game in this State and their on-going “fit for purpose” in a changing sporting environment. Initially the committee will focus on the offerings within the metropolitan pennant competitions.

The Committee includes BMC Chairman Marc Abonnel, BMC elected members Anne Lilley (Sorrento) and Ron Mance (North Beach), and appointed member Simon Alden (Bassendean). A further senior lady bowler is yet to be appointed.

Specifically, the committee will consider the suitability of the current format(s), structures and timings of the Men’s and Women’s pennant competitions; including Tuesday, Friday and Saturday ladies competitions and Thursday and Saturday men’s competitions.

The Committee now invites submissions from both individual bowlers and clubs on any or all aspects of the above metropolitan competitions, including any recommendation for variation or change.

Submissions will close on 28th February 2019, following which an interim report will be provided to the March BMC meeting.

Queries on submissions should be directed to the Chief Executive Officer, Ken Pride.