Governance and Club Planning

Governance is defined as the overall guidance, direction, oversight and stewardship of the club. This outlines the roles and responsibilities of the Committee / Board and its members in carrying out their elected duties. 


  • A well run organisation is attractive to new members
  • Good governance supports growth and development
  • Funding agencies, potential sponsors and government look favourably to well managed organisations
  • Good governance reduces the risks. 

DSR Workshop Series – How to Run Your Club

The material in these documents covers the following learning outcomes;

  • The key roles, responsibilities of a board/committee member (importance of chair/club president)
  • Understanding the ‘constitution’ and how it can assist operations
  • How to develop policies and procedures to guide club operations
  • How to recruit and retain committee members
  • How to conduct efficient and effective meetings

DSR Workshop How to Run Your Club Notes

DSR Workshop How to Run Your Club Presentation Slides

Australian Sports Commission – Sports Governance Principles