FOX SPORTS Venues Small Clubs Package

by admin on September 2, 2013

Does you club have a FOX SPORTS Venues subscription? Have you always been told that it is too expensive for your club to subscribe to FOX SPORTS Venues? Do you feel like you’re missing out on all the bowls action on FOX SPORTS? Well, thanks to FOX SPORTS Venues (FSV), it’s all about to change and you can treat your members to the very best in sport and entertainment, including bowls coverage on FOX SPORTS, Bowls Australia’s official broadcast partner. Bowls Australia is thrilled to inform you that the FSV Small Clubs Package is now available to eligible bowls clubs around Australia, and your club can enjoy bowls action from Australia and around the world on FOX SPORTS. In addition to the FOX SPORTS channels 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, your club can also enjoy the best in entertainment and news from a wide range of channels, including Lifestyle, FOX8 and Sky News. You can also connect additional FSV decoders, so your club can show the action on different screens. Subscription fees For $550 (incl GST) per month on a 24 month plan*, eligible clubs can subscribe to the FSV Small Clubs Package in High Definition. *Minimum total cost $13,200 for FSV Small Clubs HD Package. A Standard Definition Package is also available for $440 (incl GST) per month on 24 month plan. Minimum total cost $10,560 for FSV Small Clubs SD Package. Based on standard connection of one FSV STU Equipment decoder No connection fee for a standard connection (additional charges may apply for non-standard connections). Monthly subscription fee is payable for each FSV STU Equipment decoder. Early termination charges apply. Is your club eligible? The FSV Small Clubs Package is only available to registered clubs with fewer than 1000 members, no more than 15 gaming machines and no ‘full service’ TAB outlet. Liquor licence type must be “Registered Club” or equivalent. FSV service is not available in all areas/premises. For more information or to arrange a connection, please call 1300 301 415. Click here for the full list of channels available