Planning for your clubs future

by admin on October 22, 2013

Get assistance from WA CDO Daniel Woodrow Has your club considered a business plan?
Bowls Australia Community Development Officer Daniel Woodrow can help your club.
Contact Daniel to discuss holding a Business Plan session and Daniel will organise a time to go to your club. It takes no more than two hours with committee members and it will be completed then and there, ready for implementation.
The Business Plan basic template is a valuable tool to assist with your club’s planning for the future, clubs may progress to something more detailed if they wish but this is certainly a great start.
Daniel Woodrow
Bowls Australia CDO WA
Phone: 0408 136 831
Read more about Business Plans (from Jack Hi Edition 95)
In today’s day and age bowls clubs need to be treated like a business to survive into the future. To operate a successful business it is essential to have a plan to provide some sort of direction the club wants head towards.
Writing a business plan can sound daunting but in reality, especially for bowls clubs it only needs to be a three or four page document that indicates why the club exists, the core values of the club and some key objectives that the club wish to aim for in the future (known as strategic planning) and how they are going to achieve them (known as operational planning).
A business plan is not something you complete and then don’t touch for a long time. It is an ever evolving document that can be updated when required.
Some key reasons why clubs should have a plan are as follows:
• It provides a single direction for the club no matter what committee is in operation. Once a new committee is elected they should still follow the existing business plan.
• Provides a resource that various government departments and other stakeholders can see which can lead to funding opportunities and other assistance that may be required.
• Makes the entire club accountable for decisions made. If you have all your plans on paper it will make it much easier to complete projects without indecision.
There is plenty of help and resources available to help complete a business plan. But remember. It is all well and good to have a nice looking plan. It is even more important to implement it and work towards a successful future.