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by admin on January 6, 2014

Digger’s Day at Mt Lawley DIGGER’S DAY at MT LAWLEY
Pictures of  sartorial splendour, these four old Diggers dug deep  to win this prestige  annual event.
Skipped by (pictured) Keith Manton, Rod Beazley, new member Darryl Ikin and John Weir they  won from John Hauck, who skipped a visiting  Warwick team of  Alan Hornby, Rick Stingemore and Graham Connor.
Third was Bob Mulroy, Geoff Mills, Dennis Irving and  Arthur Dolphin.
Highlight of the day, apart from the  Mt Lawley Ladies excellent  lunch, was a bidding duel for a bottle of rare port donated by  Social  Committee Chairman Ron Prosser.
John Hauck won  the  duel  from underbidder  Echo Widermanski. I can’t divulge the final bid in case somebody from the ATO is reading.
The recent Interstate Test series was won by Victoria  from  Queensland , with WA third.
The star WA team in the Jack Hamilton VC Trophy was skipped by one of our two Singapore Army ex-servicemen Willie Tan. Rod Beazley  third, Norrie Conduit second and  Frank Fletcher lead, four wins and a draw.
The Dr Sydney Krantz Trophy was won by New South Wales, WA was sixth.
We are still recruiting from all  Allied serving and ex servicemen/women. Catch up with mates, play some bowls, listen to a few fibs and have a beer.(In moderation – of course)
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