UpdatedMen’s Northern Zone ILRR Results

by admin on January 14, 2014

Played at Gingin Bowling Club Thankyou to Joe Criddle for the following report.

History was created in more ways than one during the running of the 39th annual Northern Zone Round Robin conducted at the Gingin Bowling Club last weekend.
Due to the extreme heat over the weekend two twilight matches where played for the first time in the history of the event to reduce the impact of the stifling conditions of the six participating league sides.   
The end result saw a finish similar to last year with the Batavia Red side securing the title for the fourth consecutive year*** however the chasing pack look to be closing the gap on the most dominate League in the tournaments history.
After three days it was the pre tournament favourite Batavia Red who recovered from there second round loss that took out the title with three wins and a draw on completion of the five match round robin format.
The Red’s final match resulted in a drawn aggregate, Batavia however one three of the four rinks on offer against the North Midlands to finish champions with seven points and a return of thirteen and half rink wins to claim the prize one point clear of Central Midlands on six points and eleven and a half rinks.
The home side Moore Districts where placed third with a return of six points and eight rinks with the North Midlands continuing there good form from the last series to claim fourth place finishing on five points plus eight rinks, there weekend included the last round drawn aggregate with winners Batavia Red which in the end saw them claim the title of champion rink through Chris Kings sides win over Steve Palmers side who was leading the tournament prior to the fixture. 
Fifth placing on four points and eleven rinks went to the Central West Coastal League who finished the event strongly after a somewhat indifferent start on the Friday.  
Batavia White finished with two points and eight rinks to complete a book end finish for the Batavia League. The result was the worst on record for the White side in there short five year history however the group included several players experiencing the event for the first time and no doubt the side would have benefitted from the high pressure Interleague series.
The champion rink of the Round Robin went to the North Midlands side of Chris King, Dave Mills, G Rice and T Healsler lost one match to finish with eight points plus 48 shots up. Batavia Red’s Steve Palmer, Dale Maver Wes Jones and Mike Thompson finished second with eight point plus 35 shots. Third placing to the Central Midlands teaming of Willy Lines, Ken Toster, Ian Woods and Peter Southscott with eight points plus sixteen shots. The Batavia White side of Ian Thomas, Brian Wright, Brian Gertig and Brad Criddle finished fourth with eight points plus ten shots.
***CORRECTION*** Central West Coastal Bowling League won this event for the first time ever on 28th, 29th & 30th January 2011 at Dennison Bowling Club
Selected Northern Zone Team





Steve Palmer

Geoff Ellis

Wes Jones

David Haigh

Chris King

Gary George

Joe Cukela

Brad Hirsch

Brad King

Mike Ford

John Lucas

Kim Trotter

Glen Jones

Willy Lines

Ian Thomas

Darryl Sermon

Steve Fewster

John Fewster

Bruce Manning

Michael Beard

Manager; Ian Hamilton



Reserves; Mark Simpson, and Mick Fox

Thankyou to Tom Cabassi for the following results
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