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by admin on January 30, 2014

On behalf of the Committee a Happy New Year and good bowling in 2014.
On the weekend of November 30 and December 1, the greens were full with men and ladies playing their Championship Fours with six men’s teams and four ladies teams all playing a round robin event of 14 ends. On both teams there were new bowlers playing in both sides. Well done every one.
At the end of the 2nd round for the ladies each team had won one game and the final round was open to anyone to win.
The runners up with 4 pts -7 were Madeline Bell, Moira McMahan, June Pearson, and Margot Hawkins. The winners with 4pts -1 shot were Leonie McNamara, Pam Cousins, Eunice Stephenson and Jillian Baker.
The men’s runners up with 7pts were Ken Cook, Stan King, Brian Zani and Frank Green. The winners with 8pts were Kevin Herbert, Pat Kennedy, Alan Corby and Jimmy Palmer.
The Men’s Championship Triples were played on December 7/8 with 6 teams playing a round robin. At the end of the event, 3 teams had 8 pts. Runners up with +27 were Des Barr, Stan King and Alec Woods and the winners with +31 were Kevin Herbert, Pat Kennedy and Shane Pygroda.
The January sponsored games started on December 29th with10 teams playing 3 games of 14 ends, sponsored by Roselea Commercial Units. Thanks to Val and Rusty Lee.
With 4pts and 8 shots up and being equal runners up were the two Ravensthorpe
teams of Rod, Dave and Denise Edwards, Bill Keen, Joe Jones, Karen and Steve Miller and John Roy. The winners with 12 shots up were Kevin Herbert, Barry and Joy Donohoe and Jimmy Palmer.
January 5: Sponsored by B. Coventry and Sons, thanks to Donald and Kerry and Kevin Hallam Earthworks with 14 teams playing 5 games of 8 ends. 3rd were Rod, Dave and Denise Edwards with 8pts +21. 2nd were Pat, Warren and Phyllis Kennedy with 8pts +30. These games were all decided on shots up winning all their games were Ken Cook, Kevin Herbert and Pam Cousins.
January 11: Cancer Day with 40 people playing fun bowls with $1500 raised for the Cancer Foundation. A great amount for such a small club.
January 12: It was Hopetoun Tyre Services Day, thank you to Bub and Mary McGlinn with 10 teams of 4’s playing 3 games of 14 ends, runners up with 6 pts +24 were Ken Cook, Barry and Joy Donohoe and Jimmy Palmer, the winners with 6pts +24 were Pat, Phyllis and Warren Kennedy and Alan Corby.
January 19: Was the Port 1000 with 18 teams represented, sponsored by Nathalie and Malcom Grant in their 5th year of sponsorship, playing three games of 14 ends.
Running 4th with 2 wins and 20 shots up were Lindsay Chambers, Barry and Joy Donohoe and Brian Zani.
3rd with 2 wins +33 were the Corrigin team of Mark and Jeannie Sczecinski and Kaye and Mike Ferrarro. 2nd with 3 wins+21 were Des Barr, Ken and Maureen Adams (Toodyay) and Jeannette Dunkeld (Newdegate).
The winners with 3 wins +27 were Bub McGlinn, Alan Corby, Jimmy Palmer and Pam Mclnnes (Kulin)
January 1: with15 players playing for the chooks. The winners were Des Barr and Barry Donohoe.
January 8: Sponsored by Belli’s Mini Earthworks, thanks to Greg and Di. Winners were Des and Barrie.
January 15: Sponsored by Wavecrest Village, the winners were Jimmy Palmer and Pat Kennedy.
Ladies Bowls
January 8: With 8 ladies playing, winners of the scratchies were Lesley Kemp, Coral Grant, Liz Richardson and Jillian Baker.
January15: The ladies had a roll before adjourning to the kitchen to help with the catering for the Ladies Classic.
Forthcoming events:
February 8: Hovara Pennants at Ravensthorpe
9: Ladies Championship Triple
12: Ladies Bowls 8.45, Scroungers 1 pm Elders Real Estate
12/14: l.L.R.R Fours
15: Hovara at Varley
16: Ladies Championship Triples
19: Ladies Bowls, Scroungers 1-pm Kevin and Lyn Hosking
23: l.G.A. Day thanks to Russell and Astrid Stephens
25: Ladies Pennants v Esperance Gold
26: Ladies Bowls 8-45, Scroungers 1 pm 

Linda Bower, Hopetoun Bowling Club
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