Men’s Saturday Double-header 1st Division

by admin on March 3, 2014

Sunday game to start at 10am All 1st Division Clubs are reminded that Men’s Saturday 1st Division Round 17 will be played Sunday 9th March with the following clarifications:
·        All games have been scheduled with a start time of 10.00am. However with some confusion on this time, clubs are able to contact their opposition with a proposed later start time. However if no agreement is reached then the game must start at the scheduled 10.00am start time.
·         Clubs are reminded that players selected in the Sunday Round 17 1st Division game will not be able to be selected for a 2nd Division or below Round 17 game on Saturday 15th March. This is still the case even if they are registered in a 2nd Division and below team and are only filling in for an unavailable player. No player can play more than one game in a round even if they are a week apart.
·         Home clubs are not to ring the results through on Sunday 9th March as nobody will be available to take this call. All home clubs are expected to fax through these results as usual.
If clubs have any queries on the above or other points please contact Bowls WA Competitions Manager Pieter Harris 9340-0811 or email