Super Six Results

by admin on March 28, 2014

All the scores from Day 1 & 2 at South Burnie, Tasmania Photo courtesy of Facebook Perth Pennants
Round 1  Western Australia  v  Victoria 

Men’s Singles:  Bainbridge  def. by  Fisher  18-21
Pairs:      Ellul, Ayres  def. by  Flapper, Loe  10-20
Triples:   Mitchell, Adams, Patterson  def. by  Wilson, Foley, Lester  13-20

Women’s Singles:  Krstic  def. by  Stewart  18-21
Pairs:      Rogalski, Merz  def.  Shannahan, Kelly  23-15
Triples:   Hastings, Cole, Heldt  drew with  Odgers, Cowan, Whitehead  15-15

Round 2  Western Australia  v  Northern Territory

Singles:  Bainbridge  def.  Smith  21-18
Pairs:      Ellul, Ayres  def.  Farrell, Dienelt  23-11
Triples:   Mitchell, Adams, Patterson  def.  Kitto, Baker, Miller  17-13

Singles:  Krstic  def.  Warfe  21-18
Pairs:      Rogalski, Merz  def. by  Baldwin, Orr  15-16
Triples:   Hastings, Cole, Heldt  def.  Mitchell, Tyrell, Smith  24-11

Round 3  Western Australia  v  Australian Capital Territory

Singles:  Bainbridge  def. by  Howie  19-21
Pairs:      Ellul, Ayres  def.  Chesher, Jeffery  26-10
Triples:   Mitchell, Adams, Patterson  def.  McLean, O’Connor, Grebbert  22-15

Singles:  Krstic  def.  Harmer  21-17
Pairs:      Rogalski, Merz  def.  Bacchetto, Dowsett  26-11
Triples:   Hastings, Cole, Heldt def. by  Mengel, Moore, Waters  14-16


Women’s Pairs:  Kelli Rogalski, Laura Merz  def. by  Karen Murphy, Kay Moran (NSW)  9-16


Women’s Singles:  Kristina Krstic  def.  Natasha Jones (QLD)  21-19
Women’s Triples:   Therese Hastings, Rechelle Cole, Shenayde Heldt  def. by  Louise Witton, Tracy Foster, Samantha Wilson (QLD)  13-19

Men’s Pairs:  Matthew Ellul, Matthew Ayres  def. by  Max Kleinig, Adam Forbes (SA)  8-22
Men’s Triples:  Thomas Mitchell, Clive Adams, Daniel Patterson  def.  Shane Garvey, Ben Twist, Ray Pearse (NSW)  17-14