Aus bowlers trade finesse for power

by admin on July 20, 2014

Gym workouts have helped prepare Australia’s lawn bowlers for the very different style of game they’re ready to play at the Commonwealth Games, as Alexandria Patrikios reports for AAP and the Sydney Morning Herald. Team captain Lynsey Clarke says the world No.1 ranked Australians are well-prepared to trade finesse for power in the heavier conditions in Scotland. “It’s probably the extreme opposite of playing at home,” Clarke said on Sunday. “It’s all about playing aggressively. “It’s all about momentum here on the greens because they’re so much heavier. “In Australia it’s about finesse and touch.” Clarke raised eyebrows when she told reporters about the team’s training regime. “We’ve been doing a lot of work in the gym,” Clarke said. “People probably think bowls isn’t a physical game. “But when you’re out there for six hours and you’re lunging a lot of times during the day, it can be quite strenuous.” Australian players have also gotten used to playing with wider bowls than the ones they typically use on the quick home greens. To practise, the team have met regularly in Melbourne over the past 18 months to play on a doctored green designed specifically to mimic the slower Scottish conditions. Bar an Eight Nations tournament in Glasgow last August, it’s the only time they’ve really had to hone their skills for the slower-paced surface. The Scottish are passionate about bowls and big crowds are expected to provide loud support at the Kelvingrove Centre during the Games. But Australian team member Aron Sherriff was quick to point out that could also create its own kind of pressure for the home team. “We think we can win plenty of medals,” Sherriff said. Caption: The formidable women’s triples team of Lynsey Clarke, Karen Murphy and Kelsey Cottrell are ready to demonstrate their power in Scotland.