State Over 60 Sides Announced

by admin on July 22, 2014

Following last week’s selection trials, the Men’s State Over 60 Selection Panel are pleased to announce the players that will take part in the upcoming National Over 60 Sides Championships at Tweed Heads in October.
Men: James Barry, Frank Carbone, Wayne Coyle,
Graham Evans, Frederick Holt, Gordon King
Grant Nicol, Steven O’Neill, Sam Perica,
Lindsay Thorn, Glyn Vaughan, Geoffrey White

Women:  Kerry Andersen, Bev Baker, Kaye Blackwell, 
Rinske Butcher, Anne Crabb, Sue Delaporte, 
Janne Gibsone, Kathy Gobbart, Lee Poletti,
Rhonda Prosser, Julie Savell, Vicki Spragg