Introducing ClubTalk Radio

by admin on September 1, 2014

Club Talk is an initiative of SportFM and West-Sport, two major supporters of our community and sporting groups. The new program will provide a platform for sporting clubs, associations and industry supporters to discuss important issues that impact their club and provide solutions to maintain the position of sports clubs as social institutions in our communities.

Across the world, membership of traditional sporting clubs is declining and it has not been more important than now to address the problems they face, offer informed and intelligent advice, and make some changes for the future.
Melissa Marsh is a highly regarded Western Australian sports personality and along with her successful sporting family, started her career with local clubs who gave her the competition, support and incentives to succeed.
Mike Brunswick is a sporting club consultant and advisor who has significant management experience in the sector and is an advocate for change and improvement to operations.
The Club Talk Program will be on air Tuesday Nights from 6pm to 7pm commencing on the 9th September and will feature a number of segments that will be of interest to the sporting community.
Live Interviews with industry regulators and leaders will touch on subjects such as responsible and healthy clubs, what is new in your sport and where it is heading, how your club can take advantage of government and corporate programs and what tools are available to improve sporting clubs operation and development.
Club Talk will also have opportunities for club members, management and sporting enthusiasts to discuss issues that impact them and relate their expectations from their club and peak bodies. The program will also provide clubs with an audience for their membership and milestone promotions, and live broadcasts for major sporting events they host.
While there are a number of sporting programs on air, Club Talk is different because it is about the community clubs that provide the facilities, support and incentive for sports-people to achieve their potential, and they are under threat!

Listen in on Tuesdays (9th September on) from 6pm to SportFM 91.3 and help Club Talk to make a difference.
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