WA Men’s State Squad Announced

by admin on September 15, 2014

WA Men’s State Selection Panel are pleased to announce the squad that are currently preparing for the 2015 National Sides Series to be held at Yokine Districts Bowling Club. The Men’s State Selection Panel has chosen a squad of 18 players committed to improving the standard of Western Australian bowls both on and off the green. At a recent meeting held at Bowls WA headquarters it was explained to invited players the standards, expectations and commitment required of a state player. The major topics included:
ASADA – Testing of bowlers is a strong possibility in the future and players were made aware of the ramifications of testing positive results
Communication – What can be seen as a very minor point, it was explained clearly that too many players are very tardy in replying to emails sent by the manager. This would be no longer tolerated in the future and some players have to get better in their simple communication.
Players standing in the bowling community – Players were reminded that they were not only representing themselves and their clubs but also the state squad when they stepped onto the green. Part of being in a state team is representing all Western Australian capitated bowlers and it is their responsibility to follow the laws of the sport and to treat all players and officials with the respect they deserve.
Selection – The plans in regards to selection policies for the 2014-15 season was briefly explained.
Leadership – All players were asked to stand up and be leaders in the squad and hold each other accountable for the decisions they make.
From that meeting not all players felt they were in a position to commit to the program. The selectors respect any player who is able to put their fellow players first and not pretend that they want to do the work required to improve the results of the team at the National Side Series at Yokine in April. We hope those players find the passion to put in the time required to be a State player in the future.
Unfortunately some players, for a number of reasons, forgot the meeting at Bowls WA Headquarters was on. At this stage those players have not been selected in the State Squad and will have to show they are committed to the culture that the current squad is trying to build. This can be done by both their actions on the green as well as off it.
The selectors have no set numbers in place for the state squad. The selectors are committed to picking the best team players that are available and all players playing  in early season tournaments will be considered to be added to the squad going forward.

Clive Adams, Matthew Ayres, Stuart Bainbridge, Bill Brandsma, David Downey, Matthew Ellul, Gavin Faulkner, John Goddard, Peter Ker, Kyle McIlroy, Matthew Mitchell, Thomas Mitchell, Ryan Moyle, Daniel Patterson, David Rankin, Mark Simpson, John Slavich, Scott Walker

 – WA Men’s Selection Panel