Singles players rising to the challenge

by admin on September 30, 2014

Anne Johns continues on her winning way claiming two more victim’s in the women’s singles making it four from four for the Australian Open Singles Champion. 

Belle Chuchu from Brunei was no match for the inform Johns who needed just 19 ends to claim a 21-10 victory. 

It was a good quality match right from the first end but it was Johns that took the early lead 7-4.

The next end Johns was holding three within a foot of the jack however Belle ran the jack into the ditch with her last bowl to claim one and put a halt on John’s run.

Johns makes another break in the game to lead 11-5 but her young opponent wasn’t giving in.

After holding another three, the 20 year old from Brunei drew the shot with her last and backed it up with a score of two on the next end, remaining three shots behind the Australian.

Belle’s last bowl continued to be damaging for Johns, however the persistence of the Australian eventually paid off scoring a four and two three’s to run away with the match 21-10. 

In her fourth round match John’s made light work of Sri Lanka winning 21-4. 

Johns is now in a great position where she is guaranteed to make the top 3, however a win in her last round match against Malaysia ‘B’ will see Johns qualify first and would be straight through to a semi-final. 

Ben Twist was tested in his third round encounter with Jacky Wong of China. 

Twist took the early lead 9-3 before Wong played six brilliant ends and scored 12 unanswered shots. 

With Wong leading the match 15-9, Twist was forced to change the length and crawl his way back into the match; however he was only managing to score single shots each end. 
Twist was two behind with time permitting only two more ends would be completed in the match; he held shot before Wong drew it with his last bowl. 

On the last end Twist was looking down the barrel of defeat when Wong trailed the jack for one with his last bowl, but Twist played a cracking shot sitting out Wong’s shot bowl and running onto the jack to trail it just enough to score 3 three and level the match. 

Twist has two rounds left to play and currently sits in second place, two games clear of fourth.  
Ben Twist will play his fifth round match at 7:30pm AEST tonight against Malaysia ‘A’ and tomorrow will finish his sectional games with a last round match against New Zealand. 

The mixed pairs of Kristy Thatcher and Andrew Howie are currently on the green playing their third round match against Brunei. 


Mixed Pairs: Kristy Thatcher & Andrew Howie (AUS) def Malaysia ‘D’ 18-13
Women’s Singles: Anne Johns (AUS) def Nor Hashimah Ismail (MAS) 21-13
Men’s Singles: Ben Twist (AUS) def Zulhilmie Redzuan (MAS) 21-8
Mixed Fours: Thatcher, Johns, Howie, Twist (AUS) def by Malaysia ‘B’ 14-17
Women’s Singles: Anne Johns (AUS) def Belle Chuchu (BRU) 21-10


Men’s Singles: Ben Twist (AUS) drew with Jacky Wong (CHN) 18-18
Women’s Singles: Anne Johns (AUS) def Sri Lanka 21-4