Maroons on the verge of a gold rush

by admin on October 1, 2014

The stage has been set for a thrilling conclusion to the 2014 Australian Under-18 Championships in Nightcliff, with Queensland set for a gold rush after securing passage to six gold medal play-offs.

The Maroons will roll for gold in six of the eight disciplines on offer at the nation’s premier junior event tomorrow, after securing passage to the ultimate decider in the boys’ and girls’ singles and fours, boys’ pairs, and girls’ triples disciplines.

Further chances to claim medallions will come from the girls’ pairs and boys’ triples, who will each play for bronze.

While Queensland appear well placed to mount an attack on the coveted boys’, girls’ and overall trophies, having last claimed all three consecutively in 2010, stiff competition will come from Victoria and NSW, who boast four and three chances respectively to strike gold.

South Australia, Western Australia and Tasmania will also feature in the gold/silver medal deciders, with one chance each at glory on the final day of the competion.
NSW, who clean swept all three major silverware honours last year still remain in the hunt, with chances in the boys’ pairs and girls’ triples, which will both be a state of origin clash against Queensland, and the girls’ pairs against Tasmania.

The Big V team are also well placed to claim their first piece of major silverware since 1997, with boys’ singles, triples, fours and girls’ fours.

The 2014 Australian Under-18 Championships will conclude tomorrow at Nightcliff, with boys’ and girls’ fours from 9.00am ACST, boys’ triples and pairs and girls’ singles from 12.00pm, and boys’ singles, and girls’ pairs and triples from 2.45pm.

Boys’ singles play-offs
Gold/silver medal match: Jay Bye-Norris (VIC) v Nic Gosley (QLD)
Bronze/4th: Jono Davis (NSW) v Joe Thomas (TAS)
5th/6th: Marcus Simpson (NT) v Tyson Wilson (SA)
7th/8th: David Downey (WA) v Brendan Spaven (ACT)

Girls’ singles play-offs
Gold/silver medal match: Elizabeth Allan (WA) v Connie-Leigh Rixon (QLD)
Bronze/4th: Jamie-Lee Worsnop (NSW) v Jessica Hogan (ACT)
5th/6th: Amelia Bruggy (VIC) v Makayla Gibson (TAS)
7th/8th: Shae Smith (NT) v Rianne Reiger (SA)

Boys’ pairs play-offs
Gold/silver medal match: Isaac Rayner & Jono Davis (NSW) v Jacob Nelson & Nic Gosley (QLD)
Bronze/4th: Jayden Christie & Joshua Corless (VIC) v Josh Walker-Davis & Joe Thomas (TAS)  
5th/6th: Ryan Philpott & Joshua Hamilton (WA) v Joshua Studham & Isaac Trenorden (SA)
7th/8th: Tristan Chambers & Marcus Simpson (NT) v Michael Mcqueen & Trent Britton (ACT)

Girls’ pairs play-offs
Gold/silver medal match: Ellen Ryan & Dawn Hayman (NSW) v Mikayla Fuller & Mikayla Gibson (TAS)
Bronze/4th: Tiffany Brodie & Tayla Morison (VIC) v Sophie Young & Taleah Putney (QLD)
5th/6th: Meghan Philpott & Elizabeth Allen (WA) v Jessica Hogan & Jaime Locke (ACT)
7th/8th: Skye Woodhouse & Shae Smith (NT) v Rianne Reiger & Lynsey Trenorden (SA)

Boys’ triples play-offs
Gold/silver medal match: Curtis Hanley, Ben Cotter & Jay Bye-Norris (VIC) v Gerrin Jenke, Tyson Wilson & James Bodnar (SA)
Bronze/4th: William Hyatt, Dan Nicholls & David Downey (WA) v Jake Rynne, Jesse Turnbull & Hayden Vogler (QLD)
5th/6th: Jay Breust, Sam Hatch-Caccamo & Dylan Skinner (NSW) v Josh Appleyard, Lachlan Sims & Jack Ellis (TAS)
7th/8th: Jackson Clayfield, Jackson Harding & Jack Hateley (NT) v  Jacob Macfarlane, Jaidyn Cartledge & Brendan Spaven (ACT)

Girls’ triples play-offs
Gold/silver medal match: Lauren Shaw, Molly Wilton & Jamie-Lee Worsnop (NSW) v Michaela Bailey-Nelson, Connie-Leigh Rixon & Tiffany Murray (QLD)
Bronze/4th: Amelia Bruggy, Cody Sylvester & Elise Rigoni (VIC) v Bailey Raffety, Jacqui Bowman & Carly Otterspoor (SA)
5th/6th: Kellie Ainsworth, Amelia Axford & Danya Cant (WA) v Chloe Morrison, Jessica Blunden & Tracey Swift (ACT)
7th/8th: Kerri-Anne Zavazal, Lauren Kingsley & Stephanie Clarke (NT) v Ebony White, …