Sports rising stars set for finals clash

by admin on October 14, 2014

In an epic last round encounter Thomas Mitchell and Ben Loughlin put on a great show for the crowd, however it was the rising star from the west that claimed victory and a maiden berth in the Australian Champion of Champion singles final. 

Mitchell and Loughlin were undefeated in the section, therefore the winner would qualify for tomorrow’s final and the looser would be out of the competition. 

Thomas Mitchell and Ben Loughlin were close the whole match, neither player getting more than three shots in front at the half way mark and were both playing high quality bowls. 

Mitchell then won four of the last five ends and claimed the eight shots he needed for victory; he took the match 21-13. 

In contrasting matches it was Scott Thulborn who reigned supreme over ACT’s Andrew Howie to advance to the final. 

It was Howie that took the early lead 10-2 however the South Australian made a drastic change to the length and fought his way back into the match. 

Thulborn scored 17 unanswered shots to lead 19-11 before Howie struck back to trail 16-20. 

Howie managed to save game twice before a spectacular drive from Thulborn left the South Australian with an unbeatable front toucher and he won the match 21-16. 

In the ladies second section, three ladies went into the final round with a chance of making the final. 

Tasmania’s Mary Beaumont was in the box seat having won the both her opening round matches and needed to win her last round against South Australia to advance to the final.

Sue Coultas (SA) had different ideas knowing an upset could see her advance to tomorrow’s final; and that’s exactly what she did. 

Coultas defeated Beaumont 21-5 not only putting the Tasmanian out of the competition but sneaking in front of ACT’s Margaret Bacchetto by two shots overall. 

Despite a hiccup for Katrina Wright in the second round against Victoria, Wright has snuck into the final courtesy of Noelene Abe victory over Alison Hall at the top of the table.

The section required a count back with three players all finishing on two wins, but it was the Taren Point local that prevailed by 9 shots. 

The singles finals will commence at 9am tomorrow morning followed by the first round of men’s and ladies pairs. 

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Australian Champion of Champion Singles Third Round Results: 

Scott Thulborn (SA) def Andrew Howie (ACT) 21-16
Thomas Mitchell (WA) def Ben Loughlin (VIC) 21-13

Katrina Wright (NSW) def Lyn Derrick (NT) 21-14
Alison Hall (VIC) def by Noelene Abe (WA) 12-21
Margaret Bacchetto (ACT) def Helen Annan (QLD) 21-11
Sue Coultas (SA) def Mary Beaumont (TAS) 21-5

Second Round Results:

Andrew Howie (ACT) Bye
Scott Thulborn (SA) def David Genford (TAS) 21-15
Jade Groenewege (NT) def by Thomas Mitchell (WA) 11-21
Ben Loughlin (VIC) def Todd Fuller (NSW) 21-8

Katrina Wright (NSW) def by Alison Hall (VIC) 19-21
Lyn Derrick (NT) def by Noelene Abe (WA) 8-21
Margaret Bacchetto (ACT) def Sue Coultas (SA) 21-13
Helen Annan (QLD) def by Mary Beaumont (TAS) 10-21

First Round Results:

Scott Thulborn (SA) Bye
Andrew Howie (ACT) def David Genford (TAS) 21-19
Jade Groenewege (NT) def by Ben Loughlin (VIC) 18-21
Todd Fuller (NSW) def by Thomas Mitchell (WA) 12-21

Katrina Wright (NSW) def Noelene Abe (WA) 21-8
Lyn Derrick (NT) def by Alison Hall (VIC) 10-21
Mary Beaumont (TAS) def Margaret Bacchetto (ACT) 21-14
Sue Coultas (SA) def Helen Annan (QLD) 21-16

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