Rules changes for 2015

by admin on December 4, 2014

Crystal Mark 3rd Edition Laws of the Sport of Bowls Following is a summary of the changes to the Laws of the Sport that will be effective in Western Australia from 1st January 2015.

The changes shown will be those that most affect pennant play in particular, with the complete changes to be made available with the finalisation of the Third Edition of the Law Book. 

We would ask that these are made known to your members, to avoid any unnecessary confusion in the New Year.

Should you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact Bowls WA.

In all Laws the word SHOULD referring to a compulsory action has been changed to MUST
The word “should” is often misinterpreted as an ideal, not a mandatory
The definition of Delivery has been amended:
Delivery: deliberately releasing a jack or a bowl from the hand or an artificial device using an underarm movement. If the jack or bowl accidentally slips from a player’s hand or artificial device during delivery, the player can pick it up and start the delivery again.

2.5 Absentee players in a side game. (Law 39.2.3)
2.5.1 If, 30 minutes after the scheduled start time for a game, or sooner if the Controlling Body decides, one player is absent from one or more teams in a side and no eligible substitute is available or allowed, the game must continue, however: A team with an absent player plays as though the second is the missing player; The order of play shall be maintained by the second of the complete team playing consecutive bowls; Each player must use the number of bowls specified in the Conditions of Play for that event. (ie six bowls will be used by the three players not eight and the 25% loss of score outcome is abolished)
2.5.2 If a player has commenced the game, however is unable to continue the game and no eligible substitute or replacement player is available or allowed, play will continue as if one player is absent as per 2.5.1.
2.5.3 If an absent player arrives late, they must take their original place in the team when they arrive and enter the game at the completion of the end in progress.
2.5.4 If an eligible substitute or replacement player becomes available and is permitted by the Controlling Body they may be introduced to the game at the completion of the end in progress.

3. Duties of Players
3.1 The use of a scoreboard instead of one of the scorecards;
For Domestic Play in Australia, a scoreboard cannot be used instead of a scorecard (Law 40.1.8).
3.1.1 The scoreboard may be updated at any time by any person but must be updated at least every second end and the skip is responsible for ensuring it is correct as per the scorecard.

3.2 Skips duties relating to scorecards (Law 40.1.9)
For Domestic Play in Australia, all duties relating to the scorecard set out in Law 40.1.7 (including keeping and completing the scorecard) shall be performed by:
3.2.1 In Singles; the marker is responsible for keeping, completing and dealing with the card (as per Law 42)
3.2.2 In Pairs; the skip of each team
3.2.3 In Triples; the skip of each team
3.2.4 In Fours; the second of each team

Position on the mat (Foot faulting)
Has been changed:
(Previously stated that a player should be standing on the mat with one foot fully on the mat)
7.1 Before delivery a player must be standing on the mat with all or part of at least one foot on the mat. At the moment they deliver the jack or a bowl, the player must have all or part of one foot on or above the mat.