Bowls WA Pennant Survey Results

by admin on December 17, 2014

The initial results of the three Pennant Surveys have now been collated and are linked at the bottom of this page for interested parties to consider. 
The data published is only the start of the process in assessing any changes that may occur in the future. The Pennant Review Committee chaired by Marc Abonnel will be analysing the results in far greater depth than what is currently being published. Over the next couple of months the answers to the questions will be separated and analysed according to many different categories. The answers given by players in categories such as division played, age and how long a person has been playing will give far greater insight into the expectations and preferences of the different type of player who have taken the time to answer the survey. While this will take some time, these specific results will also be published. Within the survey, there were many opportunities for comments to be made about specific issues. All these comments will be read and considered as part of the analysis process.
Bowls WA thanks all players and clubs who have contributed to the process so far and look forward to sharing with everybody all results as they come to hand
Club Pennant Survey Results
Men’s Pennant Survey Results
Women’s Pennant Survey Results