Class of 2014

by admin on December 17, 2014

It’s that time of year when the bowling community stands together to applaud the success our juniors have had on the bowling green during their short careers but also academically; as many have graduated high school and prepare to transfer into the senior ranks in 2015. 

It would have been an anxious wait for students who awaited the delivery of their HSC or QSC scores, however also very challenging as they consider their options and plans for the future.

Peter Brown, the High Performance Coordinator for Bowls Australia, has years of experience as an ACE coordinator (Athlete, Career and Education), who supported athletes with their higher education and career endeavours, whilst juggling the demands of their sport. 

“Completing an education at the same time as training and playing bowls may be challenging,” Mr Brown said. 

“However, comprehensive research tells us that athletes who successfully integrate their studies and training can achieve excellent results in both areas,” Mr Brown said. 

“It requires identifying priorities, setting some goals and good time management.”

Remembering that junior bowlers have tasted success in U’18’s, it is important that whilst they are riding the wave of success and are enthusiast about improving their games, they have a clear understanding what is expected of them in the senior ranks in order for them to progress and not get lost in the crowd.  

There are plenty of support mechanisms in place to ensure these future stars continue to succeed on and off the bowling green, including Bowls Australia’s NTC squads. 

The introduction of the National Training Centre squads in 2011 gives the juniors transitioning into the senior ranks the opportunity to work with elite coaches, stay up to date with the latest training procedures, and better understand the responsibilities of being an elite athlete.  

The Australian Sports Commission is the main funder of the NTC coaches and without their support this pathway program would not exist.

The NTC squads are overseen by National Coach Steve Glasson and five NTC Coaches who are charged with the responsibility of identifying talent in each state.

They are looking for the most promising players to achieve international representative honours throughout their careers, whilst preparing them as quality individuals and elite athletes which will become the key components of their training programs.

Therese Hastings is the NTC coach for Western Australia and has regular contact with her squad; assisting with training drills, helping them set short and long term goals and sharing her vast knowledge of the sport.  

“I liaise with the state selectors to ensure they know what is happening with these juniors; how they are performing and training,” Mrs Hastings said.

“I believe it is important that when juniors are invited to a state trial that they respect the opportunity and make a conscious effort to interact with the senior players; by doing so those players will involve them in events and in many cases they will take them under their wings.”  

The next NTC squad announcements will take place at the end of June 2015 with the exception of NSW/ACT who will name their squad in January 2015. 

Bowls Australia would like to congratulate each and every junior bowler who has graduated this year and wish them all the best in their very bright futures. 

For further information in regards to the NTC squads click here.