It’s game on for Jack Attack ambassador Alicia Molik

by admin on January 29, 2015

Jack Attack Ambassador Alicia Molik has been busy during the Australian Open tennis, cheering on fellow Australians in her role as Australia’s Federation Cup Captain and commentating women’s matches during the day.

The former world number eight is right in her element during the Australian Open having been to Melbourne Park on several occasions as a player during her 12 years on the professional tour.

The three-time Olympian and bronze medallist was also unveiled as Australia’s tennis Team Leader for the 2016 Rio Olympic Games today by the Australian Olympic Committee.

During the 2014 Australian Premier League at Brisbane’s Club Pine Rivers, people saw that Molik’s love for sport reaches far beyond tennis, having always been an avid fan of the sport of bowls.

The game of bowls runs through the Molik family, with Alicia’s grandparents having now played the sport for a number of years.

For those that tuned into the live telecast of the APL02 you would have witnessed Alicia Molik in action during the celebrity Pro-Am, where she showed off her natural delivery and impressive hand eye co-ordination – traits that were surely no surprise to anyone who witness her aptitude on the tennis court.

It was during the Pro-Am that Mick Molloy attempted to re-create Jack Simpson’s infamous ‘flipper’ from the movie Crackerjack; however his technique may have been a little shaky in front of the live audience.

Molik was blown away by the atmosphere during the APL and was even more impressed by the new trifecta bowls (red, white and dark blue) she used on live television made by Bowls Australia’s preferred bowl manufacturer Aero Bowls.  

Bowls Australia is thrilled that Molik is on board as an ambassador for their new national participation program Jack Attack, which is spreading fast around the country.

Over 50 clubs have now signed up to Jack Attack, and have all received promotional material and information booklets which Alicia Molik features in, giving her stamp of approval on this new structured barefoot bowls program aimed at capturing new members into the sport.

The Jack Attack program is designed to increase bowling participation and give our large number of barefoot bowlers the option to compete in a competition that fills the gap between social/barefoot bowls and competitive pennant comps.

Jack Attack is based off the hugely successful Australian Premier League and replicates that style of play through its format and time limits.

Jack Attack is fast paced with power-plays and substitutes and can be played over a shorter period of time (60-75 minutes) – providing the perfect social-but-still-competitive outlet is for people with busy working lives.

Head to the Jack Attack website to learn more about this program .

If your club is interested in signing up for Jack Attack, please contact the Bowls Australia Regional Bowls Manager from your area and they can arrange a time to visit your club and discuss the benefits.