Fixed fee structure for member states implemented in 2016/17

by admin on May 27, 2015

Bowls Australia have unveiled a new membership fee model that will be introduced from 2016/17, designed to provide a truer indication of members and participants in the sport and to curtail the amount paid by individuals.

The new membership fee will be based on a fixed fee structure, which will be charged to member states based on the amount paid by that member state to Bowls Australia in 2015/16 plus three percent.

It will be at the discretion of each member state to determine the membership fees for levels below them.

As a result of declining membership numbers in the sport, the current model of charging based on a per member basis was identified as being unsustainable into the future by Bowls Australia’s board and executives, who are do not wish for membership fees to increase for individual members who participate in bowls.

The model to be enacted from 2016/17 is designed to provide an incentive to disclose members and participants and for these details to be included into the Bowls Connect database, therefore providing a better indication of membership and participation figures.

By adopting this process, it is envisaged that the number of actual participants in our sport will increase as a result of this amended membership fee structure.

As a result of having a true indication of participants in our sport, Bowls Australia and member states will be able to:
• Highlight the reach of the sport of bowls with Governments and funding bodies – with a view of increasing investment;
• Promote bowls as a more attractive sponsorship prospect;
• Improve the understanding of the demographics and geographical spread of Members/Participants to improve planning for facilities, events and Member Services

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