On the road with Karen Murphy

by admin on June 9, 2015

The Australian Jackaroos are always on the road so Karen Murphy has developed her own healthy habits for when she is away for long stints competing. 

As documented on the Australian Institute of Sport website, travelling away from home for training and competition is standard practice for most elite and recreational athletes.  

Unfortunately, the disruptions and distractions of a new environment, changes in schedule and exposure to different foods can significantly affect usual eating habits. 

Murphy is a well-oiled machine when it comes to travelling for bowls and has a number of helpful hints that keeps her fit and healthy. 

“When I travel, if possible, I stay in self-contained accommodation so I can prepare my own meals,” Mrs Murphy said. 

“While away competing, I try to keep a routine like I would at home as much as possible; in regards to food this is obviously difficult when meals are organised for you so I try to make healthy choices where possible.” 

“I also take my own snacks when I travel; this consists of some fruit and nuts; i travel with a cooking pack which contains a knife, some herbs, spices, coconut oil and some other kitchen items that I would use at home.” 

Murphy likes to stick to a high protein diet with minimal carbohydrates; she will often have berries and yoghurt for breakfast and a chicken salad for lunch (something she can prepare before bowls). 

“This may all sound a little fussy (and I cop a ribbing from team mates ha ha) but I believe if you lead a clean eating lifestyle then you will feel good and play well,” Mrs Murphy said. 

Murphy says you cannot eat what you want as you get older and need to really work at it.

“Healthy choices are important to me, so when eating out, I try not to start with garlic bread and finish with dessert.  If you make an effort to move and eat well, in turn you will lead a healthy life,” Mrs Murphy said. 

Not only is it important for Murphy to monitor what she is eating and make those healthy choices, exercising is just as important to get through long events. 

“I try and exercise whilst I’m away competing just as I would at home, this includes walking or body weight exercises that I can do in my room in the morning before I play or train. I don’t overdo it if I know I will be competing all day,” Mrs Murphy said. 

Karen Murphy’s next major event is the Australian Open on the Gold Coast where she will be a strong contender to progress to the final days of play and get her hands on another Australian Open title. 

Murphy’s first match at this year’s $225,000 Australian Open will be at Paradise Point Bowling Club in the women’s singles on Monday June 15.