WA Under 18’s Team Announced

by admin on July 26, 2015

The Under 18 state team to contest the National Under 18 Championships at the Tuggeranong Bowling Club, Canberra in October has been announced.
John Goddard, the Head Coach of the Under 18s, has chosen a team that will seek to compete against the best young players in the country. As such the players have been selected on that basis after a number of sessions and selection trials.
The team:
Singles  Patrick Quinlan
Pairs     William Hyatt & Patrick Quinlan
Triples  Daniel Ainsworth, Nathanial Fuge, Justin McKay (Sk)
Fours    Daniel Ainsworth, Nathanial Fuge, Justin McKay, William Hyatt (Sk)
Singles  Georgia Cant
Pairs     Kellie Ainsworth & Georgia Cant (Sk)
The triples and fours combinations will be completed with the support of the NSW girls following their own team selection later this month.