Metro Powerhouse Manning and host club Mandurah get on board the Mandurah APL Cup

by admin on August 27, 2015

Played September 26th and 27th 2015 The champions of both the Men’s and Women’s Premier League last year, Manning were quite rightly the first metropolitan team invited to enter the Mandurah APL Cup.
With no hesitation they have thrown their support behind the concept and vow to back up last years ultimate success by starting this seasons preseason the same way.
The biggest problem Manning will have is how to fit all their star players into the squad size allowed. Like the Australian APL, the Mandurah APL Cup will be played in a pair’s format with two players on the green and a substitute coming off the bench to play a minimum amount of ends during the match. However unlike the Australian APL, the Mandurah APL Cup allows a club to enter a squad of five players that can be rotated through the seven matches of sectional play and finals if they are good enough.
There is also the requirement that each club must have at least one female and one male in each squad. A team like Manning will have no trouble finding five outstanding players of either gender from their champion teams but what if your one of the Manning players who doesn’t make it into the five player squad?
Don’t worry you will get a chance to nominate to participate and maybe another invited club will think you are the player they need to take out the Mandurah APL Cup. More information regarding the Player Draft will be released as soon as teams start naming their squads.
A highlight of the Mandurah APL Cup is going to see the outstanding country clubs take to the green to show the city clubs how good they are.
The obvious first country club to be invited was the host club themselves. Mandurah are putting every effort behind making this event a success and with the home crowd and the clubs tradition of producing champion bowlers behind them, it is expected that they will put in a big showing.
Will it be enough for them to rise to the top of their section and come through the knockout final series to keep the cup in the club, only time will tell.
More clubs and competition details will be released soon as we count down to Saturday September 26th.