National Bowling Arm Challenge Kicks Off!

by admin

The National Bowling Arm Sides Championships held the 2017 Opening Ceremonies this morning in Moama, New South Wales.  For the first time since the event’s inauguration in 2013 there are 5 Sides being represented:

Victoria – Armed VICS
New South Wales – NSW Woomeras
South Australia – SA Sturt Peas
Queensland – QLD Maroons
Western Australia – WA Sandgropers

In addition to bowling to win the National Cup awarded by Bowls Australia, each State plays each other for State-to State honours.  Western Australia is looking to hold boasting rights over the following Shield/Award Titles:

WA vs VIC – Overland Shield
WA vs NSW – NSW Woomeras vs WA Sandgropers
WA vs SA – Nullabor Shield
WA vs QLD – QLD Maroons vs WA Sandgropers

We will be keeping tabs on how the WA Sandgropers are competing at their first National Arm Challenge!

The Opening Handshake between States

First Asembly

Let the Games Begin!
Bowls Victoria have a nice (and short) video panning over the 5 State Sides at the Opening: