Poletti on the Board Again

by Cameron Harris

The 2019 Women’s Over 60’s Singles saw a new winner added to the list when it concluded at Cockburn Bowling Club on Friday.

Lee Poletti added one of the few trophies her cabinet doesn’t already possess by winning the final 21-15 against Toni Gatti.

It was a come from behind win for Poletti as Gatti clearly started better, perhaps surprisingly given Poletti’s finals experience, and jumped out to a 2-8 lead early in the match. Poletti managed to find a bit more of a rhythm, managing to get back to even with six unanswered shots. Things remained tight until Gatti unluckily removed her own second shot from the head to end up for down at the end’s conclusion. This gave Poletti her biggest lead for the game to that point at 15-11, but Gatti promptly answered with three shots followed by a one to tie it back up. Consecutive ends for Poletti put her back into ascendancy with an 18-15 lead. Coming back towards the club house Poletti brought the mat right up and had two handy openers as Gatti struggled to adjust to the new line. Down game Gatti drew a great shot with her third bowl to hold, but its position near enough to jack high left Poletti a great shot on. She played weight to remove the bowl or trail the jack, either of which would see her hold game again. She ended up doing both, collecting the bowl and then running on to nestle it in a cluster of three forcing Gatti into a weighted shot which she missed.

This gave Poletti a 21-15 victory and her first Over 60’s Singles win although she didn’t immediately realize she had won the game.

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