WA Country Zones Women’s Inter Zone Round Robin Pairs

by Kaitlin Tyrrell

Another great weekend of country bowls was held at the Northam Bowling Club with 4 Zones competing in the WA Country  Zone Women’s IZRR Pairs tournament on the 16th and 17th February 2019.

Zone sides of 6 teams x 2 ladies from Eastern Zone, the host Zone, (Leagues of: Central Wheatbelt, Avon Valley, East Avon, Goldfields, South Eastern) Northern Zone (Leagues of: Batavia, Central Midlands, Central West Coastal, Moore District, North Midlands) Southern Zone (Leagues of: Central Stirling, Great Southern, Lower Great Southern, South Central Arunga, South East Coastal, Upper Great Southern) & South Western Zone (Leagues of: Blackwood, Leeuwin, Murray District, South West) competed in a 2 day Round Robin event.

Saturday – Day 1’s morning matches saw South Western Zone (SWZ) have a great start to the competition gaining 2 pts with a 38 shots up and 4 rinks win vs Northern Zone (NZ). Eastern Zone (EZ) also having a handy 17 shots up win and 4 rinks win, picking up the 2 pts, over Southern Zone (SZ).

Saturday – Day 1’s afternoon matches of EZ vs NZ saw a few tight tussles on a couple of rinks right to the end but EZ held out to be eventual overall margin winners with 20 shots up and 4 rink wins, picking up another 2 pts.  SZ switched greens to play the strong SWZ but were out bowled on all rinks with a 130 – 66 shots and 6 rinks win by SWZ.

At the end of play on day 1 the tally board had SWZ with 4pts, 10 rink wins and 102 shots up, EZ 4pts, 8 rink wins and 37 shots up. Day 2 will see these 2 teams take on each other to decide the winner of the tournament. NZ finishing the day with 0pts, 4 rink wins, -58 shot margin and SZ 0pts, 2 rink wins, -81 shot margin.

Sunday- Day 2 morning matches were to decide the final positions of the tournament. Eastern Zone and South West Zone both jockeying for top spot and Northern Zone & Southern Zone were to challenge each other for a win and decide who was to finish in 3rd and 4th position.

NZ & SZ played a thriller of a match with both Zones after 8 ends on all rinks at +0 and holding 3 rinks each, at 12 ends on all rinks they were even again +0 and holding 3 rinks each, 16 ends on all rinks saw SZ take a small lead of +5 shots, then at 19 ends at close of play Southern Zone claimed the win with +9 shots and 3 1/2 rinks wins over Northern Zone with -9 shots and 2 1/2 rink wins.

An enthusiastic crowd were also provided with a very exciting game between the two, top spot challengers.  EZ led early with + 4.  Then at 10 ends on all rinks EZ still led with +13, at 12ends on all rinks +15, at 18 ends on all rinks SWZ had gained ground with EZ’s margin now only +4.  SWZ were unable to make more ground on EZ and at 19 ends on all rinks, at close of play, Eastern Zone claimed victory with +13 shots and 4 rink wins over South West Zone.

WINNERS : Eastern Zone  – 6pts, 12 rink wins and +50 shots

2nd:  South West Zone  – 4pts, 12 rink wins and +89 shots

3rd:       Southern Zone – 2pts, 5.5 rink wins.

4th:       Northern Zone – 0pts, 6.5 rink wins.

Back row: M Dall (EZ Pres), C Ashworth, D Glass,
P Caporn, M Killan, K Bush, L Gobbart, D Hayes
Front row: (H Gelmi EZ Sec), D Hudson, S Miguel,
N Newman (Manager), N Forbes, S Smith, C Ace-Watson, I Leahy