Bowls WA Forum outcomes

by Aaron Delaporte

On recommendation from the Bowls 2025 Committee, a sub-committee set by the Board to consider the current metropolitan pennant offerings for men and women, suggested changes to the Men’s Midweek and Women’s Saturday Competition for the coming season.

These recommendations were considered by the Bowls Management Committee, the Board and discussed with the club representatives at the recently held Metropolitan Presidents’ and Women’s Forums.

Given strong support they will now be introduced for the 2019/20 pennant season.

Men’s Midweek will now move to a:

  • Sets play competition comprising two nine (9) end sets and if required a three (3) end tiebreaker determined by ends won (not shots scored),
  • No dead ends with the Jack placed on the “T” to complete the end,
  • A non-compulsory open roll up period commencing at 12.30pm with the game commencing at 1.00pm,
  • Scoring will be as follows:
    • (1) point per set won,
    • (0.5) points for set drawn,
    • (2) points for winning rink,
    • Thereby contributing to a maximum of (12) points for a three rink match.

Women’s Saturday will now move to a:

  • (21) end competition for all colours and divisions.

However the recommendation to move the current 1Red competition from a two rink to a three rink competition will not proceed.

WBGT meters and their use for 2019/20

The introduction for use of the WBGT meters for pennants in 2019/20 received support from the two Forums. However it was acknowledged by the Umpires, who have done considerable work on the subject of minimisation of heat stress for players that more data would be advantageous to their study.

As such the WBGT meters will NOT be introduced for pennant play in 2019/20 but WILL BE used for State and Masters events where further data will be collected.


Should there be any queries on matters above please contact the Bowls WA office.


Ken Pride

Chief Executive Officer