Men’s Midweek Pennants FAQ’s

by Aaron Delaporte

In response to a number of queries to the Bowls WA Office we have compiled some common questions with answers in regards to the Men’s Midweek Pennant Competition. Please note Bowls WA will also have a fully detailed list of Conditions of Play for this competition available for clubs and players in due course.

Is there any difference in the number of bowls or players

No – it is the same fours format as last year

How does the roll-up work now

Greens must be ready for play by 12.30pm. Players may roll up for as many ends as they wish (or not at all) – there is no “official” roll up

What time does the match start

The match commences with the rolling of the jack at 1.15pm

How are rinks and the opposition decided

The same as last year, with respective Manager’s completing the draw/rinks/results sheet pre game

How are sets played

Each set, of which there are two, are played for nine (9) ends. Sets may be won or drawn depending on shots scored

How do you win your rink

Either by winning the best of the two sets (straight sets 2-0 or by halving a set and winning the other 1.5 – 0.5) OR via a tie-break if one set each

If a team can’t win one of the two sets, do they still play all nine ends

Yes – shots scored during the two sets count towards the sides percentage

How does the tie-break work

If there is no clear winner as above a tie-break will be played over three (3) ends. Scores WILL COUNT during the tie-break with the highest score after the three ends the rink winner.

If the margin is greater than eight (8) after two tie-break ends do we play the third end

No – there is no need to play the third end as scores in tie-breaks do not count towards percentage

What if scores are even on the rink after the third tie-break end

A fourth end is played to determine the rink winner

Who controls the mat during the game

To commence the first set and game there is no difference to last year with the Manager’s tossing the coin pre-game

The winner of the first set has the mat for the first end of the second set – irrespective of who won the last end of the first set, however if the set is drawn the winner of the 9th end keeps the mat

If a tie-break is required a coin is tossed for the mat – irrespective of who one the last end of the second set

If after the tie-break scores are level, then a coin is again tossed for the mat, irrespective of who won the third end of the tie-break

How do the points work for the match

½ point per set drawn, 1 point per set won, 2 points per rink won

With a three rink competition a total of 12 points are being played for (four points per rink)

In 6th division (2 rinks) – eight points are being played for

If rain or heat intervenes what constitutes a game result

As per last year (42) ends for three rinks and (28) for two rinks

ie the first set (27 ends) and a further (15) of the second set (3 rinks)


the first set (18 ends) and a further (10) of the second set (2 rinks)

Any further queries should be directed to Pieter Harris Bowls WA Competition Manager