Bowls Australia

Officials Courses September 2019

by Aaron Delaporte

Presentation & Assessments for New &
Re-accrediting Officials September 2019
(Markers; Measurers & Umpires)

Nominations are invited for New & Re-accrediting Officials to attend Sessions and Assessments:

NEW OFFICIALS ONLY Evening Session Registrations commence at 5:00pm
Session 1 ~ Monday 9th; Session 2 ~ Monday 16th & Session 3 Monday 23rd September 2019
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New & Re-accrediting Officials
Session 1 ~ Saturday 7th September 2019 8:30am – 12 noon
Session 2 ~ Saturday 7th September 2019 1:00pm – 4:30pm
Session 3 ~ Sunday 8th September 2019 8:30am – 12 noon
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Session 1 ~ Marker; The first session will be primarily on Markers accreditation. Official re-accreditations will also be conducted at WILLETTON
Session 2 ~ New Measurers & Re-accrediting Measurers
Session 3 ~ For those new applicants progressing to National Umpire accreditation

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Re-accreditation for National Umpires, Measurers and Markers (accredited from 2015 onwards) will be conducted from 5.00pm on Monday 9th September 2019.

Nominations must be received at Bowls WA ~ with fees, on or prior to Friday 30th AUGUST 2019 for all sessions.


New Officials Accreditation Application

Measurer Re-accreditation Form

National Umpire Re-accreditation Form

Code of Ethics & Behaviour Form

Notes: Late entries may not be accepted:
Any Re-accrediting Level 1 Umpires, having submitted the appropriate forms fully completed will be sent, in advance of the relevant dates/times, the new “Officiating Manual for Markers, Measurers & Umpires”, and must attend and complete the Marker & practical ongreen presentations & assessments, during the first session at each venue. New Marker, Measurer and National Umpire applicants will be sent the new “Officiating Manual for Markers, Measurers & Umpires”, as well as preliminary documentation outlining the learning outcomes expected for the level applied for. All applicants will be required to provide their own ‘Laws of the Sport Of Bowls, v3.1 3rd Edition, April 2019’ (A number of the Law books will be available at the Sessions @ $9.00)
The current Officiating structure is based upon active participation and continuing assessment, so all aspirants must attend all relevant Sessions to be accredited. Anyone aspiring only to Marking, Measuring or re-accrediting as Measurer may attend all sessions as observers if they wish. New Umpires MUST attend & accredit at ALL 3 sessions. It is advisable that, prior to attending, everyone should peruse the relevant chapters in the Manual which they must bring to any session/s.

Anyone wishing to attend as observers, purely for the purpose of understanding the rules, marking  or measuring techniques a bit better without accrediting, are welcome to sit in on any of the sessions and, numbers & time permitting, participate in the group presentation activities.  Particularly useful to those likely to play as Thirds when in charge of the head, measuring and agreeing shots counted, or simply to improve performance and understanding of the importance of Markers.  There will be no attendance fee for observers, but they may purchase the “Officiating Manual for Marker, Measurer and National Umpire” for $25 at any of the sessions or by post for which there will be an added Post & pack charge.

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