BCiB Triples won by Doubleview

by Aaron Delaporte

The BCiB Triples Challenge was conducted at the Cockburn Bowling Club on Saturday and Sunday the event attracted 36 top teams across the metro area.
The event was sponsored by BCiB Insurance with over $6000 in prize money to be distributed across eight winners and consisted of seven round robin games five on Saturday and two games on Sunday.
The weather was kind on Saturday however on Sunday it was challenging to complete the two games, however  all the games were played with great sportsmanship a credit to all the players.
BCiB’s Managing Director Ian Hopper together with Karen Murphy, Brett Duprez and Steve Glasson were tournament hosts, on the Sunday following lunch they participated in a talk back session which was highly entertaining.
The Manning side skipped by Shane Knott led for most of the carnival, with Doubleview’s Ryan Moyle in close contact from the beginning, the change in the leader board only occurring on the Sunday morning; Ryan’s Team of Kyle Mcilroy and Gavin Faulkner won every round to be worthy winners.

The BCIB Presidents Triples Challenge winners were:-
1. Ryan Moyle, Kyle Mcilroy, Gavin Faulkner.
2. Shane Knott, Dale Marsland, Lewis Grigg
3. Tyrone Alberti, Nick Reagan, Greg Reagan
4. Simon Alden, Stein Davies, Ted Alden
5. Scott Walker, Glen Pauling, Ken Pride
6. Marcus Simpson, David Rhodes, Dave Snelgar
7. Luke Bolton, Neil Bolton, Nicky Lewis
8. Murray Hulbert/Peter Flack, Geoff Murray