2019 National Junior Side Series – FINALS WRAP

by Denise McMillan


The 2019 National Junior Side Series has come to completion with some great results for WA.

The WA Boys fought and won ALL FINAL GAMES in their respective sections.  In the Boys Singles there was a hard-fought battle resulting in Jack East bringing home the Gold to WA – a great result from last years already impressive Silver!  In the Fours the Boys had a great game in the Bronze final and also brought home the Trophy!  Add to these two impressive results, the wins in the In the Pairs and Triples rounded up the positive finish for WA Boys.

The girls faced the challenge of being fairly new representatives to National Games and played to their best abilities without achieving quite the same results.  A win in the Finals gave Fifth place in the Pair team of Emmalyn Aarts and Ruby Leggett along with a Sixth in the Singles Eighth placement in the Fours and Triples.  With more experience under their belts they will be players to watch in the future.  A big thank-you to Akasha Fortune, player at Sunbury Victoria, who represented WA in this years Side Series in the Triples and Fours – your efforts were appreciated!

FINAL SUMMARY (Click on RESULTS to get specific game results):

BOYS 1st Place – RESULTS 3rd Place – RESULTS 5th Place – RESULTS 5th Place – RESULTS
GIRLS 6th Place – RESULTS 8th Place – RESULTS 5th Place – RESULTS 8th Place – RESULTS


Pictures that we were able to obtain are found in the 2019 National Junior Side Series Photo Album Facebook Album.  If there are more pictures available please send to denise@bowlswa.com.au and they will be put in the album.



Day two has come to a close at the Junior Side Series … finalising tomorrows play off positions for Gold, Silver and Bronze in each category of Singles and Fours plus Pairs and Triples for the boys and girls.

The first game of the day was the second set against NT where the girls won the Pairs to keep their position of third in the section, while the Triples performed an improved game but still came out on the bottom end placing fourth.  The boys won their game of Fours against NT which placed them first in their section and in the Singles there was a win as well – both games having only two winners in their respective sections.

The afternoon games against NSW  began with the girls playing Singles and Fours.  In the Fours the team went down and will play SA in tomorrows finals, while in the Singles there was a loss; however, the end result is our player Emmalyn Aarts came third in her section and she will play against SA in tomorrows finals.  The second game of Pairs and Triples also came with a loss; however, the girls Pairs will play against TAS and the Triples will play the fourth place game against the VIC B development team.

In the boys afternoon sectional play against NSW they won the Pairs to come third in their section – interestingly three states had two wins and a loss – and they will play SA tomorrow.  In the Triples there was a loss; however, they kept third place in their section and will also play tomorrow against TAS.

In the boys Singles and Fours we had a mixed result … in the Fours the team went down – but with another situation with three states having two wins and a loss – the team only dropped to second place in their section and will therefor play for Bronze in tomorrows Finals.  In the Singles Jack East has come through with three solid wins and hold first place in his section – he will play for Gold tomorrow against Jake Rynne of QLD.


8:30 am VIC Time: 

Boys Pairs Fifth/Sixth place against SA Boys Triples Fifth/Sixth place against TAS Girls Singles Fifth/Sixth place against SA Girls Fours Seventh/Eighth place Game against SA

11:15 am VIC Time:

Boys Singles Gold/Silver place against QLD Boys Fours Bronze place against QLD Girls Pairs Fifth/Sixth place against TAS Girls Triples Seventh/Eighth place against VIC B


Final results for play-off games will be provided tomorrow.



Day one of the 2019 National Junior Side Series has come to a close after three games for both the boys and the girls.  Each State Side consists of 10 players, five players of each male and female gender, who play Fours and Singles in one match and then Pairs and Triples in another match against each state in a round-robin format within their allocated section.

VIC was the first strong competition facing the WA juniors and the result was mixed.  The girls went down in both their Singles and Fours Game coming fourth in their section, with slightly better results in the Pairs and Triples – while both games were lost the Pairs pulled out of fourth place to land third on the ladder.

The boys fought hard against VIC in the Triples losing by one shot at 19 to 20 and placing third in their section after both Pairs and Triples.  In the Singles and Fours WA shot ahead with Singles being won 21 to 16 and the Fours won by 21 to 5.  Ironically, both games placed second on the ladder with a shot difference of only 1 point between first and second.

NT was the second competitor against WA with our girls singles winning 21 to 14 to place third on the ladder and in the fours there was a loss but only by five shots!  The boys played NT in Singles and Fours and their results were outstanding with the Pairs winning 28 to 8 placing them second on the ladder and the Triples walking away with a draw at 20 to 20.

Overall, a good start to this years National Junior Side Series!  An end of second day summary will be available tomorrow night, Thursday October 3rd, and then an overall wrap with all state results.  A reminder, scroll further down this article to see full team compositions.


The WA State Juniors left early this morning to arrive in Bendigo VIC for a late afternoon practice prior to the first day of the 2019 Australian Junior Side Series. Fielding almost a full side, with the exception of a combined WA/VIC girls team in the Triples and Fours, WA is set to fight for all the Trophies in a clean sweep!

Pictured are the Cross sisters from Dudley Park, Olivia and Racquel, new additions to the Side who are keen to display their skills!

Full Team Placements for both Boys and Girls are as follows:

Results will be posted daily and can be tracked from tomorrow Oct 2 to Friday Oct 4 by CLICKING HERE.