Great Southern win ILRR Pairs

by Aaron Delaporte on November 28, 2019

The Southern Bowling Zone ILRR Pairs were played in warm conditions at the Brookton Country Club on the 23rd & 24th November.

Central Stirling and Lower Great Southern were first out of the blocks with both leagues on four points after Round 2.  Round 3 saw Lower Great Southern pull away with six points but failed in the following two rounds in which Great Southern was able to capitalize and end the competition with 8 points only losing one aggregate in Round Two by four shots.  A very impressive win.  Those playing for Great Southern were Paula Reid & Fe Thompson; Jenny Hosking & Jill Warburton; Leanne Cook & Karen Ward; Kerrie O’Halloran & Zellie Schinzig with Shelley Bilney as Reserve.

Results of the competition were:

1st Great Southern with 8 Points – 13 Rink wins and 62 shots up

2nd Central Stirling with 6 Points – 11 Rink wins and minus 1

3rd Lower Great Southern with 6 Points – 8 Rink wins and minus 10

4th South Central Arunga with 4 points – 9 Rink wins and minus 7

5th South East Coastal with 4 Points – 8 Rink wins and minus 21

6th Upper Great Southern with 2 Points – 11 rink wins and minus 23

Southern Bowling Zone ILRR Pairs Full Results


Report provided by Margie Rance – Secretary Southern Bowling Zone