Great Southern win ILRR Pairs

by Aaron Delaporte

The Southern Bowling Zone ILRR Pairs were played in warm conditions at the Brookton Country Club on the 23rd & 24th November.

Central Stirling and Lower Great Southern were first out of the blocks with both leagues on four points after Round 2.  Round 3 saw Lower Great Southern pull away with six points but failed in the following two rounds in which Great Southern was able to capitalize and end the competition with 8 points only losing one aggregate in Round Two by four shots.  A very impressive win.  Those playing for Great Southern were Paula Reid & Fe Thompson; Jenny Hosking & Jill Warburton; Leanne Cook & Karen Ward; Kerrie O’Halloran & Zellie Schinzig with Shelley Bilney as Reserve.

Results of the competition were:

1st Great Southern with 8 Points – 13 Rink wins and 62 shots up

2nd Central Stirling with 6 Points – 11 Rink wins and minus 1

3rd Lower Great Southern with 6 Points – 8 Rink wins and minus 10

4th South Central Arunga with 4 points – 9 Rink wins and minus 7

5th South East Coastal with 4 Points – 8 Rink wins and minus 21

6th Upper Great Southern with 2 Points – 11 rink wins and minus 23

Southern Bowling Zone ILRR Pairs Full Results


Report provided by Margie Rance – Secretary Southern Bowling Zone