Bowls Link April 2020 Upgrades

by Aaron Delaporte on April 24, 2020

Information from Bowls Australia, April 21st 2020

BowlsLink is the new national whole-of-sport information technology platform.

The system is currently being used to manage membership and record pennant results in Victoria, Tasmania, South Australia and Western Australia.

As part of the ongoing improvements to the system, there is an update happening on Friday, April 24.

This update will provide a number of improved features and correct reported bugs, as well as:

  • Groups, Categories and fees removed from a member when they are archived
  • Password Reset Timeout has been extended.
  • A new Field called Date Obtained has been added to certifications.
  • Made the Action drop-down icon more visible.

For more information on the complete update, click here.

Update 1.11 is currently available in the Beta system.

A video showing details of these upgrades in BETA BowlsLink is available below.

For more information, please contact:

Kelvin Rodgers
Bowls Australia – Training and Support Coordinator
t: (03) 9480 7110