Winning Drive Training Sessions – South

by Kaitlin Tyrrell on July 29, 2020

Bowls WA will be taking the Winning Drive to the regional areas within the next couple of months and encourage as many clubs to attend these sessions as possible. Hosted by the areas Regional Bowls Manager and Aaron Delaporte these sessions will provide those in attendance with valuable information and assistance when it comes to running their clubs. Each training session will have three specific sessions aimed at areas clubs have indicated they require guidance in detailed below.

Session 1: BowlsLink Training (1 hour) – this will take everyone through the new additions to the system, as well as ensuring that everyone understands how to manage playing rights and knows how to make sure their players are assigned to the correct categories.  This is particularly important given the new affiliation system

Session 2: Communication (45 mins) – a discussion around communication and best practice.  This will cover how Bowls WA communicates with Clubs and Members, as well as Clubs can go about communicating in the best ways.  How can we keep people engaged with our clubs and keep them informed?  What are they looking for?  This can be a very good discussion and a learning experience for all

Session 3: TBA (45 mins) – this session will be one that can be chosen by those attending (prior of course, so preparation can be done).  We will offer a range for selection – could be grants, planning, community engagement etc.  Topics will be put to all attending clubs and they will vote as to what they would like to see covered.

Currently planned sessions will be held at Busselton, Bridgetown, Denmark, Tambellup, Yunderup, Wagin Narrogin and Kulin starting Monday August 24th.