2020 State Bowling Arm Singles WRAP

by Denise McMillan on October 8, 2020

Bowls WA hosted the 2020 Bowling Arm State Singles tournament on Monday 5 and Tuesday 6 October at Warnbro Bowling Club.   This event was originally scheduled for April and was post poned due to Covid-19 isolation requirements.  Over all entries reached 53 players; however, with the postponement and player health we ended up with 39 players in 8 sections play 5 rounds of sectional round-robin.   As a result of late withdrawals, 7 sections included a bye while the last section had two byes.   The winners of each section played Quarter Finals which led into Semi Finals and Finals for Gold, Silver, and Bronze.

All games, except the Final, were formatted to 18 Shots Up &/or 1.5 hours.  The Finals game was 21 Shots Up and untimed.


All sectional winners were distinctively on top – but special mention to Section 2 where the winner was amongst three of the same score (9) and had to be selected by aggregate (Richard Young from Halls Head 9 pts 2 agg, Ashley Armstrong from Bunbury 9 points 9 agg, and winner John Lysaght from Halls Head 9 points 12 agg).

This took eight players into the Quarter Finals with the following composition: 1 v 4, 2 v 7, 3 v 5, 6 v 8.

  1. Section 1 Winner: Kevin Lynch v Section 4 Winner: Barrie Bywater
  2. Section 2 Winner: John Lysaght v Section 7 Winner: Billie Davies
  3. Section 3 Winner: Allan Axton v Section 5 Winner: Ray Bairstow
  4. Section 6 Winner: Laurie Blurton v Section 8 Winner: Don Batt

Competition was fierce to get into the Semi Finals with a format of Winner (1 v 4) playing Winner of (2 v 7) and Winner of (3 v 5) playing Winner of (6 v 8) to see who was playing for medals in the Finals.

  1. Winner of 1 v 4: Barrie Bywater (Toodyay)
  2. Winner of 2 v 7: John Lysaght (Halls Head)
  3. Winner of 3 v 5: Allan Axton (Mandurah)
  4. Winner of 6 v 8: Laurie Blurton (Eaton)

The Semi Finals upon completion found the following players competing for these Medals:

  1. Gold & Silver: John Lysaght & Laurie Blurton
  2. Bronze: Barrie Bywater & Allan Axton

The quality of the Finals games was exceptional as the tenacious bowlers had toucher after toucher, drew jack back from 3 down to make 4 up, and wowed the audience with their games!

However, only one player can achieve each medal … the end results were:

  1. GOLD: Laurie Blurton (Eaton)
  2. SILVER: John Lysaght (Halls Head)
  3. BRONZE: Barrie Bywater (Toodyay)


Allan Axton (4th), Marilyn (Marker), Barry Bywater (Bronze)

John Lysaght (Silver), Charles (Marker), Laurie Blurton (Gold)


Warnbro Bowling Club was an excellent host supplying a first-class venue with two under-cover greens hosting 12 rinks and a further two outdoor greens also hosting 12 rinks.  The volunteer help was exceptional from the kitchen to the greens – 17 Markers were required over 5 games of 1.5 hour duration.



The meals provided were excellent and all needs of the players were met.  A special thank you to Bill Baker, Warnbro Vice President, who worked in coordination with Denise McMillan at Bowls WA to ensure the tournament ran smoothly.

Warnbro have sponsored a Warnbro Bowling Arm State Singles perpetual shield and for the second year in a row the name Laurie Blurton is on the shield!!! The Shield’s home is found at Warnbro in the medal display cabinet that is the home of the Sandgropers State Bowling Arm Players!


A photo album of pictures can be found HERE.

A Facebook video of most of the Presentations can be found HERE.


Warnbro Bowling Green at Dusk