Men’s and Women’s Over 60’s State Team Trials

by Pieter Harris

The Over 60’s Selection Panel is pleased to announce the first of the Over 60’s trial teams to play the Open State Squads on Sunday January 31st at the Manning Bowling Club. Play will begin at approx. 12.30pm and spectators are welcome to come and watch four teams with everything to play for.

With more than 60 expressions of interest from players wanting to be considered for the final teams, the selectors are confident they will be able to find the winning combinations for the National Side Series in October.

This will be the first of a number of trials with the selectors looking forward to rotating different players through the teams to find the winning combinations.

Non-selection in this trial team is no indication that other nominated players are not being considered for the final team. The selectors will leave no stone unturned as they strive for the best team possible and performance in Trials as well as Pennant and Open and Over 60 State events highly valued.

Players who have not yet turned 60 but will before October, were also encouraged to nominate and a number of those players have been included in this trial team.

Men’s Over 60’s Trial Teams

SKIP Gary Caffell Neville Stevens Chris Lander
THIRD David Cliff Kevin Pickering Neale Griffin
SECOND Andy Elmer Sam Perica Bill Fraser
LEAD Grant Nicol John Terrell Bernie McNamara
SKIP Bruce Eagles Steve Cerff
THIRD Peter Wachmer Alan Heal
SECOND Linton Pike Ross Cunningham
LEAD Jerome Clayton Greg Taylor


Women’s Over 60’s Trial Teams

SKIP Bev Baker Pam Chalmers
THIRD Irene Arndt Elaine Meehan
SECOND Bev Davidson Pauline Bourne
LEAD Trish Cunningham Elizabeth Marshall
SKIP Noelene Abe Lee Poletti
THIRD Kerry Andersen Rhonda Prosser
SECOND Debbie Rhine Judy Allen
LEAD Liz Matthews Sue Hogg