Open State Squad v Over 60’s Trial Teams

by Pieter Harris on January 29, 2021

Everyone is welcome to watch the Men’s and Women’s Open State Squads take on selected Men’s and Women’s Trial teams at the Manning Bowling Club on Sunday 31st January starting at 12.30 pm

All players are looking to excite their respective selectors as they press their selection claims for the National Sides Series scheduled for October.

The Over 60’s selectors will pick various teams to trial over the coming months as over 65 players have expressed an interest to be considered.

Men’s State Squad v Men’s Over 60’s Trial Team

Cody Packer (sk)      v         Chris Lander (sk)

Bill Brandsma                     Neale Griffin

Lee Such                              Bill Fraser

Cameron Harris                  Bernie McNamara

John Slavich (sk)      v         Gary Caffell (sk)

Anthony Williams              Dave Cliff

Shane Loftus                      Andy Elmer

Russell Bates                      Grant Nicol

Ryan Moyle (sk)      v          Neville Stevens (sk)

Lewis Grigg                          Kevin Pickering

Kyle McIlroy                        Sam Perica

Blake Butler                        John Terrell

Dave Rankin (sk)     v          Bruce Eagles (sk)

Scott Walker                       Peter Wachmer

Paul Davies                          Linton Pike

Jack East                              Jerome Clayton

Clive Adams (sk)      v        Steve Cerff (sk)

Dale Marsland                    Adj Heal

Shane Knott                        Ross Cunningham

Scott O’Brien                      Greg Taylor

Interchange Glen Pauling Open Squad players will be substituted throughout the match

Women’s State Squad v Women’s Over 60’s Trial Team

Lisa Featherby (sk)             v          Noelene Abe (sk)

Shaan Saunders                             Kerry Andersen

Toni Madigan                      Debbie Rhine

Helen Heal                                      Liz Matthews

Kristina Krstic (sk)              v          Lee Poletti (sk)

Sian Smith                                       Rhonda Prosser

Kaitlin Tyrrell                                  Judy Allen

Jenny Parker                                   Sue Hogg

Laura Merz (sk)                   v          Bev Baker (sk)

Robyn O’Brien                                Irene Arndt

Lex Harris                                        Beverley Davidson

Amanda Masters                           Trish Cunningham

Hailey Packer (sk)               v          Kathy Gobbart (sk)

Chris Ace-Watson                          Elaine Meehan

Lisa Brannan                                   Pauline Bourne

Shari Solly                                       Liz Marshall