Women’s IRRR 2021 Wrap Up

by Denise McMillan

The women’s metro Inter Region Round Robin (IRRR) was hosted this past weekend by Southern Region at Willetton Bowling Club.  This event is unique in that players are selected on a points basis dependant on which division they are playing in pennant competition, and as such players of various divisions play together for their respective region.

This event hosts 96 bowlers, 24 players from the following Regions:

  1. Eastern
  2. Northern
  3. South Coastal
  4. Southern

The players compete in three regional round-robin games of 18 ends prior to an All-Star Game where the 8 of each region’s best players are selected to compete in three 50-minute timed games against each other region.

In a new scoring format where game points come first, followed by total margin if points are even, the following results occurred:

IRRR Regional Round Robin Game Summary
IRRR Perpetual Trophy presented to South Coastal Manager Alison Buckingham by Norma Samuel, BWA Vice Patron

Pictured here is Bowls WA Vice Patron, Norma Samuel, presenting the IRRR Regional Round Robin Perpetual Trophy to South Coastal Manager Alison Buckingham (also part of the SC committee is June Haynes and Lorraine Nicholson). The following are pictures of each Regions Players, these are followed by the All-Star Game details!

South Coastal becomes the winner after a long draught at the IRRR Games with 34 points, followed closely by Northern with 30, then Southern with 27 and Eastern with 13.  Here are pictures of each Regions Players, these are followed by the All-Star Game details!

South Coastal Regional Round Robin Winners:

South Coastal Committee: Alison Buckingham (Mgr), June Haynes (Sel), Lorraine Nicholson (Sel)

Eastern Region:

Eastern Committee: Margaret Passante (Mgr) & Margaret Sitko (Sel)

Northern Region:

Northern Comittee: Leonie Potts (Mgr), Gloria Cook (Sel), Gay Purslowe (Sel)

Southern Region:

Southern Committee: Merle Burn (Mgr), Val Ellis (Sel), Marg Parise (Sel), Jenny Aikman (IT)

Each region selected 8 of their best players to be All Stars Representatives with further matches played on Sunday afternoon.  South Coastal region (pictured in main photo) were declared the All-Star winners as noted in the table here:

IRRR All Star Game Summary

South Coastal were again the winners with 15 points, followed by Northern with 9, and both Eastern and Southern had 6 points with two wins.

Norma Samuel, Bowls WA Vice Patron, presented the South Coastal All Star Winners with their medals:

South Coastal All Star Winners presented medals by Norma Samuel, Bowls WA Vice Patron

Thank you to the many volunteers and organisers who helped with the 2021 Women’s IRRR and congratulations to all players on making it a great weekend of spirited competition!