2021 Coach Courses Update

by Denise McMillan

Bowls WA Coach Presenters & Assessors (P&As) are trained to conduct Coach Courses and Modules in accordance with the National Accreditation system designed by Bowls Australia in collaboration with the Australian Institute of Sport.

Each year in our non-pennant season between April to September we offer:

Club Coach Courses

The Club Coach course is ideally suited to coaches regularly working at club level, either coaching a team or individuals.  Amongst a range of other knowledge and skill components, this course covers a broad range of general coaching theories and specific bowls content: conduct a coaching session to teach skills and tactics; identify appropriate drills for shot development; identify the specific responsibilities of lead, second, third and skip; and demonstrate effective communication strategies.

Selection Modules

The Selection Module is designed for club coaches, selectors and others who are keen to ensure their club has best practice selection standards.

Coaches should attend this workshop to learn more about bench-marking players, which can assist with selection, while selectors and committee members are advised to attend this workshop to learn how to create a selection policy and a healthy philosophy for their club.

Preparing Players & Teams for Competition Modules

The Competition Module focuses on the aspects of competitive bowls. Coaches should attend this workshop to gain further information on how to best prepare players for competition, where to find the laws of the sport and conditions of play and understand how to educate players to focus on the elements they can control.

The workshop contains practical on green elements where players can discover what their own shot timeline is and how best to collect statistics.  You do not need to be an accredited coach to attend a workshop – it is open to players, committee members, selectors, and other interested persons.

Courses and Modules still available until the end of September:

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  2. Remaining Club Coach Courses for 2021
  3. Remaining Competition Modules for 2021
  4. Remaining Selection Modules for 2021
  5. NEW – Upcoming Daytime Selection & Competition Modules (flyer)

Application forms can be found here:

  1. Club Coach Course
  2. Competition Module
  3. Selection Module

If you have questions or require assistance please contact Denise at denise@bowlswa.com.au and 0449 619 841.