Bowls WA Update: Open Gender Pennant for 2021-22

by Aaron Delaporte on September 10, 2021

The first of regular Bowls WA Video Updates is now available via the Bowls WA Youtube page.

In this edition of the Bowls WA Monthly Update a strong focus on some changes for the coming 2021-22 season for Metropolitan Pennants.
0.40-3.31 Changes to open gender in Metropolitan Pennant Competitions
3.32-4.22 The Professionals sponsoring Metropolitan Pennants with new bowls stickers for the coming season.
4.23-6.07 Midweek Premier League and 1st White to move to two Premier divisions North and South.
6.08-7.49 Laser measures decision – BowlsLine measure approved only for trained umpires.
7.50-10.08 Message for club administrations to make sure they have the Bowls Link database up to date and accurate. Includes Key Dates.
Coming updates will include Country updates plus an Umpires update.

Updated versions of the Bowls WA Rules and Conditions for 2021-22 can also be found at