Bowls Australia

Officials courses to be held at York

by Aaron Delaporte

Applications are invited for NEW OFFICIALS and REACCREDITING OFFICIALS to attend an assessment course or session at York Bowling Club Sunday 14th November 2021.


Attendance is required at each relevant session with each session expected to take approximately 4 hours. Some additional time may be taken up with discussions around Health and Safety, ongoing learning as a new umpire and to complete end of course interviews/assessment feedback.

Session 1 – Measurer 8.30am to 12.30pm: This session consists mostly of how to use measuring instruments on-green and the Applicants demonstrating their competency with those instruments. It also includes some classroom learning of the Laws pertaining to measuring.

Session 2 – Marker 1.00pm to 5.00pm: This session will consist of on-green and classroom training.

Session 3 – National Umpire: Not offered at this time. If you are interested in becoming a National Umpire you can do Sessions 1 and 2 and then Session 3 at a later date. (This session consists of classroom learning of the Laws of The Sport of Bowls, as they apply in WA. To become a National Umpire you must attend and accredit at all three sessions.)

Assessment will be continuous throughout the course, including tests, demonstration of your on-green skills and your participation in the classroom training.

New Officials Accreditation Application


Applicants will be required to answer 5 (Marker), 5 (Measurer) or 15 (National Umpire) questions as well as undergo a number of relevant on-green practical marking and/or measuring assessments. The total time to complete the course is expected to be 4 hours.

Session Time: 9.00am

National Umpire, Measurer or Marker Re-accreditation Form

Please note: These courses includes measuring and candidates will be assessed on their physical ability to use measuring equipment that requires a steady hand and bending down to work at ground level.

Applications and fees must be received at Bowls WA by 27th October 2021

Applications to Bowls WA by:

Email: (Please phone if your email isn’t acknowledged within two days of sending: 9340 0800)
In Person: First Floor, 158 Main Street, Osborne Park between 9am and 4pm Monday to Friday
Post: (October course only) PO Box 123, Osborne Park, WA 6917 (Please don’t post after 17th September, as we may not receive it in time.)

Please note:
All applicants are required to bring the Officiating Manual for Markers, Measurers & Umpires, which they received when they originally accredited. It is advisable that, prior to attending, applicants peruse the relevant chapters in the Manual.

All applicants are required to bring their own Laws of The Sport of Bowls, Crystal Mark Edition, v 3.1 April 2019. A limited number of Law books will be available at the session @ $9.00 each (cash only) or can be pre-purchased from Bowls WA.

Dress will be mufti (casual/sportswear) with approved bowls footwear.