Umpires Forum – Learn more about the rules of the game

by Aaron Delaporte

This is an invitation to all men & women bowlers, who participate in bowls and want to keep up with current changes and possible future changes in the game.

Venue: Mt Lawley Bowling Club
Date:    Monday November 8th
Time:    6:30pm

Spend a few hours in open discussion regarding some of the key items;

  • Your questions regarding rules interpretation.
  • Which rules have been added and which ones deleted.
  • Latest thoughts on Open Gender Bowls in Western Australia.
  • Current thinking on use of laser measuring.
  • Some interesting discussion on the topic of extreme weather, including heat stress.
  • What is Bowl’s Etiquette, why it is important and where it appears in the Law book.

The evening is expected to wind up around 8.30 pm unless there are more questions.

Bowls WA Umpires Committee

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Umpires Information Evening