Club Volunteer – Vaccination Guidelines

by Aaron Delaporte

Published 5th January, 2022

The following information has been provided to assist clubs in policy regarding club volunteers.


To assist clubs in considering and complying with government legislation to provide a safe workplace and minimize the spread of COVID-19 to volunteers, members and guests.

Government advice has shown that vaccination is the most appropriate means of protecting our much-valued volunteers, along with other requirements such as physical distancing where able, good hygiene and regular cleaning and maintenance procedures.

The following should be considered along with previously advised WA Government Critical Business Worker Directions for staff.


Fully Vaccinated means having obtained the manufacturer’s recommended dosage of any Approved Vaccine. For example, where a two dose schedule is recommended by the manufacturer, a person will be considered fully vaccinated when they have received both required doses.

Volunteer refers to a Bowls WA affiliated club member who undertakes any volunteer duties at an affiliated club, excluding any Critical Workers as referred to in the Government Directions noted above.

Volunteer Duties means any volunteer duties carried out for the affiliated club, including committee membership.


Taking into account a club’s duty to provide a safe working environment for its Volunteers, Bowls WA strongly recommends that clubs develop their COVID Policy that requires all Volunteers to be Fully Vaccinated by 5th February 2022.

Clubs should as part of the Policy require its Volunteers to provide evidence of their Fully Vaccinated status through their:

  • Digital Certificate of Immunization or
  • The provision of their Immunization History Statement (hard copy) or when available
  • The state government designed COVID immunization app.


It is accepted that medical exemptions may apply. Clubs should ensure that the medical exemption is fit for purpose and is usually required via the stated exemption on their history statement on the Australian Immunization register, showing such an exemption.

Clubs are always urged to err on the side of caution depending on their specific role.

Privacy obligations

Affiliated Clubs should treat all information relating to COVID status, including evidence of vaccination sensitively and confidentially.

Bowls WA will continue to monitor Government health advice in the days leading up to the 5th February, with the Bowls WA office always available to provide advice as required.

Ken Pride – Bowls WA CEO