Changes to the Proof of Vaccination Directions (No2)

by Aaron Delaporte

The WA Government has again amended the Proof of Vaccination Directions (No 2) in relation to un-vaccinated persons and definitionsof Excluded Venues and Community Sport. Bowls WA has sought and received advice and confirmation from Sport West and the Department for Local Government, Sport and Cultural Industries (DLGSCI) on the following.

Effective immediately an unvaccinated person may Access and Egress through a licensed area (the bowling green surrounds) to an unlicensed area (the bowling green)in order to play Community Sport and once that is concluded leave the premises.

To be clear on the above note the following questions and answers:

  1. What if our club’s bowling greens are fully licensed ?

Then the above does not apply and unvaccinated patrons cannot use the greens.

  • If our bowling greens are unlicensed, but the surrounding banks are licensed can unvaccinated patrons use the greens ?

Yes, the unvaccinated patron may enter and egress (leave) through the licensed areas (banks) to play then leave once the Community Sport (bowls) is finished.

  • Can the unvaccinated patron enter the clubhouse ?

No. They may only utilize the unlicensed area of the bowling greens. However, all patrons may use the toilets if required during the match.

  • When do the unvaccinated patrons need to arrive and leave the club ?

Entry to the club greens should be close to the commencement of the game and must leave immediately the playing of the match has concluded.

  • How do we know if our greens are licensed ?

Every club by law should be displaying a map detailing the boundaries of the licensed areas (the red lines).

  • How do we know if a club we are visiting has licensed greens ?

It is recommended that if a club is to select unvaccinated players, they contact the opposition club/venue and seek that information prior to selection.

  • Can unvaccinated players practice outside of game times if our greens are unlicensed ?

Yes. But noting the above restrictions (3) are still in place.

  • Does this new Direction also hold for barefoot bowlers ?

The definition for Community Sport refers to organized, community-based teams therefore unstructured barefoot bowls should not be included in the above relaxation for unvaccinated patrons.

Bowls WA accepts that the above changes to the Directions (No2) are not equitable across all clubs, however we must deal with them as required. Should there be any other queries, please contact the office through your club executive, who is authorized to speak on behalf of your club, rather than providing any individual comment to staff.

NOTE: Following today’s (Tuesday) Ladies Pennant visiting teams are arriving at venues with “lists” of vaccinated players. THIS IS NOT ACCEPTABLE – visiting patrons MUST individually have Proof of their Vaccination status (subject to this memo) to gain access to the licensed areas as previously advised in a Memo (27th January).

Ken Pride – Bowls WA CEO