Covid advice for clubs – level 2 restrictions

by Aaron Delaporte on March 4, 2022

Following advice from the Department of Local Government, Sport and Cultural Industries (DLGSC) and Sports West, and given the increasing covid numbers in WA at this time and the likelihood of covid being present in WA bowling club venues Bowls WA provides the following advice noting that the WA State Government and Health Department directions.

Bowls WA will continue to work with clubs to ensure a safe sport for all participants.

Some common questions and answers for clubs.

What are our venue requirements as a club under Level 2 restrictions?

Licensed clubs should follow the 2 sqm rule or 150 person capacity. Noting that if a club is able to separately divided inside areas they can be treated separately under the 2 sqm rule however patrons may not move between these areas.

Provide seated service only for meals and drinks. Service can be provided at the bar but members must be seated to consume.

More information available at

What should a club do if someone has covid?

Clubs should encourage members and staff to report to them if they return a positive covid result.

Clubs should notify close contacts to isolate as required under the State Government guidelines which can be found here

A close contact is defined as someone who has had close personal interaction with a person with COVID-19 during their infectious period:

  • That have had at least 15 minutes face to face contact where a mask was not worn by the exposed person and the person with COVID-19; or
  • Greater than two hours within a small room with a case during their infectious period, where masks have been removed for this period by the exposed person and the person with COVID-19 (note: others wearing masks in this scenario would not be a contact.)

Should a club close if a member or staff has covid?

If a club member or a staff member has spent significant time in a bar area or kitchen prior to testing positive to covid the club should consider doing a ‘deep clean’.

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What spectators are allowed at Bowls events?

In relation to attendance at a Community Sporting Activity (Bowls), a person must not attend that community sporting activity unless that person:

  • Is a parent or guardian of a child who is participating in that community sporting activity as a player or official: or
  • Is otherwise a member of the immediate family of a person who is a player in that community sporting activity.

What should clubs tell their members?

Clubs should advise members to continue to practice safe health measures which include

  • Not attend the club if they are unwell and to get tested if they develop covid symptoms
  • Isolate as required if a close contact of a positive case and get tested
  • Wear face masks indoors
  • Check in and provide vaccination status
  • Sanitize with hand wash
  • Continue to use social distancing whenever possible

A general guide to Managing Covid for individuals is available here

A general guide for Managing Covid in the workplace is available here

Clubs which are significantly impacted by covid should contact Bowls WA or their Regional Bowls Manager for further support.