Community Shield Wrap Up

by Aaron Delaporte

Absolutely perfect autumn conditions made for ideal bowling as 26 teams competed to see who would be the best community bowls team in the west at Hilton Park Bowling Club on Saturday April 30th.

Always a great day of fun, frivolity and the odd close bowl saw the team called RSS from Quinns Rocks Bowling Club come through with the win. They played some great bowls to have four wins and 46 shots up across the days play. Quinns Rocks must have a strong community bowls program as they also provided the second place team in Goats whilst Bassendean finished third with their team High Jackers.

Over 16 clubs were represented on the day including a side from Albany. Thank you to all the participants for their participation. Also thanks to Total Tools who supported the event along with the team of volunteers at Hilton Park Bowling Club.