Carol Lee a great Volunteer for our sport

by Aaron Delaporte

Bowls WA Awards Night – Volunteer of the Year

We all know that the most important part of our sport are volunteers as they are the life blood of our clubs. This year many nominations were received and the judges had a difficult choice so its worth reminding everyone of the finalists and congratulating them all for their efforts.

The finalists being:

Albert Parravicini – Bayswater
Patricia Wardell-Johnson – Ellenbrook
Richard Young – Hilton Park
Peter Barrow – Manning
Ken McCabe – North Perth
Joan Bradshaw – Scarborough
Carol Lee – Victoria Park Carlisle

A summary of all Bowls WA Award winners can be found via this link

Bowls WA Board Member Vince Del Prete has the pleasure of announcing the winner noting the massive amount of work volunteers do within sport and recognising that National Volunteers Week had only just occurred.

Vince Del Prete with Carol Lee

Strong applause surrounded the room when Vince read out the winner’s name as Carol Lee from Victoria Park Carlisle. Carol has been a stalwart at her club for many years or as Master of Ceremonies Clive Adams stated “Put simply you’re the rock of Victoria Park Carlisle. There is barely a task you don’t do with just a few of them over the years being Tournament Director, Club Secretary, Council Liaison, Policy maker and Student program supervisor, so just about everything imaginable.”

So just why does Carol do so much at her club? Carol responded by saying “Well ever since I started playing bowls I’ve been involved in volunteering and running events. I was a teacher originally, so I guess it comes naturally. We have been running the Touch of Style for a very long time and it’s a great event and I just love everyone coming.” When speaking of her club she added “It’s a great club, and I felt that I’ve helped move it along the tracks. Particularly this year when we had a bit of damage to the green, we had to go to Como to play and it really bought the club together. Everyone has hopped in and helped, and it’s just been really marvelous.” Carol also mentioned and recognised many of the other contributors at the club, most of them being at the Awards night to support and help celebrate her achievement.

Clive Adams asked Carol to sum up what it means to be a volunteer and their importance, noting Carol has been a great one, one of many hundreds in WA clubs. “When I have meetings with councils and other community groups they ask, so how many days of the week do you work? and I say well I’m here every day and they say, how much do you get paid? and I say nothing, I just enjoy being part of the club and helping the club survive and I’m sure that is why all the volunteers do it in every club. Clubs don’t survive without volunteers.” Said Carol.

It is without doubt Victoria Park Carlisle is very lucky to have a person such as Carol Lee and we congratulate her on winning the Volunteer of the Year Award.