Gobbart crowned top country bowler

by Aaron Delaporte on June 29, 2022

Bowls WA Awards Night – Women’s Country Bowler of the Year

The Penny Needham Brooch is presented to the Women’s Country Bowler of the Year at the Bowls WA Awards Night.

The winner was Kathy Gobbart from Gingin Bowling Club who was received this award for the sixth time having won it previously in 1995, 96, 98 and 99 whilst at the Dandaragan Bowling Club and in 2008 also at Gingin.

A summary of all Bowls WA Award winners can be found via this link

The daughter of Penny Needham being Penny Sibon presented this award on behalf of her mother who was a big supporter of bowls in Western Australia, in particular the country clubs for which she was a delegate over a long period of time.

Penny Sibon with Kathy Gobbart

Prior to announcing Kathy as the winner Penny made a rather salient comment around recent covid times “I’d like to congratulate Bowls WA, clubs, and volunteers and especially the players for working through a tough couple of years. I think you have shown sportspeople have great fortitude and great courage and I congratulate everyone of you on that.”

Kathy made special mention of Penny’s mother noting “She was a delightful and wonderful lady. I won this award in 1994 and she was around then so I’m very thrilled to receive this award again. Being a country bowler has never hindered my aspirations in bowls as we have many competitions we can prove ourselves in.”

Kathy returned to some of his career best form on the greens this year winning the Champion of Club Champion Singles along with the pinnacle for a Country player in the Country Week Singles.

Kathy told a couple of rather endearing stories about her recent successes. “Being part of a small club has never been more gratifying than this year when I came back to the club after winning the Country Week Singles to a rousing reception. One of our young Irish guys who play for us rang his wife and said, ‘the best thing has happened Kathy’s won the Country Week Singles’, as if there was absolutely no hope for someone of my age, and he cried.” Exclaimed Kathy on what was an obviously touching moment.

Kathy has played in the Champion of Club Champions Singles final on six occasions previously only to lose on every occasion, so she really set her sights on winning it this time. It was a case of lucky number seven on this occasion much to her delight and relief. “After coming back from the Champion of Champions I turned into our street and there were all these cars in front of our house and it was lovely because our friends over there on the table (signaling to a table of guests at the Awards Night) had come up with wine, food and it was very lovely to arrive home to such a reception.” Kathy added before thanking all those at the Gingin table for coming tonight and thanking everyone who had supported her along the way with her bowls.

A true star of the sport well done Kathy Gobbart our 2021/22 Women’s Country Bowler of the Year.